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Compact or mini excavators tend to weigh 0 to 6 tons and midi excavators tend to weigh from 6 to 10 tons and are fully hydraulic. Historically, excavators were not top priority in the agricultural industry, however, due to advancement in the design and attachments available, excavators can be extremely useful for maintenance activities on the farm, increasing efficiency of operations. When considering the available attachments for mini excavators, you can see how versatile these machines can be. Having an excavator is an excellent addition for farming tasks such as ditching, digging foundations, hauling down buildings or laying farm tracks.

When purchasing an excavator, it is important to match your needs to the machine's capabilities. Mini excavators have the capacity to complete fairly large jobs. Bigger is not always better in this case as a larger machine could cause damage to the farmland as well as emit unnecessary amounts of fuel. Smaller, more compact excavators are better suited to the agricultural industry as they are economical to run and can cope with typical farmland and terrain.

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