Feeders, Balers, and Wrappers

Scot Agri provides an extensive range of agricultural feeding equipment, including Feeders, Balers and Wrappers. Ensuring that every stage of the feeding process is being correctly handled will create the best possible mixture and in turn the highest quality feed for the animal. Scot Agri stocks a range of industry-recognised brands such as Massey Ferguson and BvL. 

BvL provides a truly tailored solution to your feeding requirements. Using a model which allows total personalisation over every machine, their range guarantees the feed is well mixed to ensure that each animal is receiving the right balance and quantity of feed containing a mix of nutrients. Using a vertical mixer wagon is beneficial due to the design. The mixing augers are placed vertically within the vessel rotating upward to push the feed from the bottom to the top creating a smooth and even feed.

BvL machines can also break up silage bales and, depending on your operational requirements, there are other discharge options available making their machines versatile. Discharge options for their machines include front, rear, or on the sides in combination with a feeding chute, elevator, or cross conveyor.

Scot Agri also stocks a range of Massey Ferguson Baler machines. Baler Machines are used in the agricultural industry for producing either round or square bales of hay, straw or silage. The shape of the bale does not affect the quality of the hay. The best shape and size of the bale for each agricultural operation depends on which animal and the number of animals being fed. These machines are built with technology that allows the operator a great deal of control over the process of forming bales. Bale wrappers wrap the bales of hay, straw or silage to aid with the transportation and storage.

When considering purchasing a new or used feed mixer, knowing the mixing capacity that is required is a good first step. Consider how many animals need to be fed and how many times a day as well as how dense the feed is.

Massey Ferguson offers both round and square balers to suit all operations, and their TW trailed wrapper allows for start-to-finish bale formation and wrapping to be completed by one of agriculture's most popular brands.

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