KRM Fertiliser Spreaders

KRM initially built its success by focusing on fertiliser spreaders and seed drills, as well as by dealing with manufacturers who also specialise in those fields. Since then, product ranges have expanded to include all kinds of products!

KRM Fertiliser Spreaders

L15 Trend

The KRM L15 showcases a range of exceptional spreaders which focuses on quality, maximum precision, and ease of use for the operator. The L15 Trend spreader is ideally suited to the smaller farm with capacities from 700-1300L and the ability to spread from 6-18m. Standard equipment for this model includes trend headland system, mud guards, maintenance-free slip clutch all with a 3-year gear box warranty. KRM Spreaders are bursting with various innovative features which ensures simplicity and an accurate spread pattern which is proven to stand the test of time.

L20/L20W Trend

This Trend spreader has been carefully designed and developed from years of both practical experience and listening closely to the feedback of farmers all over the world. The KRM L20 and L20W (weigh cell fitted) Trend spreader, with stainless steel features, is ideally suited to the arable and grassland farmer. This spreader is available in capacities of 1150, 1600 and 2050L and is fully capable of spreading anywhere between 6 and 24 metres.

M35/M35W Base Trend

The KRM M35 Trend and M35W (weigh cell fitted) Spreader has a spread width of up to a huge 42 meters and is available capacity from 1800 to 3000L. The standard equipment on these machines includes the KRM calibration kit which includes a fertiliser analysis kit and quick setting calculator which makes the operators life a whole lot easier. Users also have the option of an additional GPS system which aids with variable rate spreading.

M45/M45W Trend

The KRM M45 Trend and M45W (weigh cell fitted) machines offer capacities of up to 4500 litres and spread widths of up to 42m. This range comes with the same features as the M35 plus which boast intricate and high-tech manufacturing which has come from constant and consistent testing to guarantee full satisfaction.

M60W Trend

The KRM M6W Trend is the company’s flagship machine with capacities of up to 5500 litres and spread widths of up to 42m. The 6-tonne payload makes this machine the largest mounted machine on the market. The M60W Trend spreader also comes as standard with weigh cell and intelligent control.

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