MF TW Series Bale Wrappers

Designed with the expertise of Massey Ferguson, the MF TW Trailed Bale Wrapper range employs a grid frame and a low wrapping table to deliver superb results. Designed to be easy to use, reliable, and of consistent quality throughout their lifetime, Massey Ferguson Balers are the perfect companion to ensure the longevity of your bales.

The Massey Ferguson MF TW Trailed Bale Wrapper range is available in 2 models, the MF TW 130, and MF TW 160, with the TW 160 being the fully automatic option, respectively. The range can adjust between 0.9m and 1.6m, with the arms being able to handle bales up to 1000kg in size.


The TW 130 and TW 160 can be utilised to transport one or two bales from the field at a time. The transport wheel can be turned over the centre spindle extending the transport width for increased stability during wrapping, increasing transport width from 2.3m to 2.8m. This combination allows for easy transport of pre-wrapped bales from the field to your storage facility.


The Massey Ferguson MF TW 130 and TW 160 are highly adjustable to produce the perfect bale size for all your requirements. The film layers are completely adjustable too for tighter or thicker wrapping, to accommodate changes in crops and conditions. The quick lock system allows for extra rolls to be placed fast and easily, with space for up to 3 extra rolls of film.


The exact overlap needed from the bale is created through a combination of bale rotation and wrapping table speed. Guidance on the wrapping table ensures that the bale is always centrally located, to ensure even coverage, and a superior product.

Farm Management

The MF TW 160 automatic version is equipped with the E-link Plus AGCO control found on other Massey Ferguson products. This system allows both semi and fully automatic control over the bale wrapping operation, from initial loading to discharge. This allows for increased productivity with minimal input. Within the MF TW 130, there is a reliable and easy-to-use semi-automatic control box.

MF TW Series Bale Wrappers

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