Stone & Clod Separators

3 Webber

Developed in 2012, the 3 Webber is a cost effective option that has been specifically made for an operator with less horse power who requires less output. Like all ScanStone de-stoners, large front opening discs come as standard on the 3 Webber. The discs are hydraulically controlled and float with the accumulator bottles. The can be easily changed to suit different widths and have a choice of different depth sensing. 

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The ScanStone 3 webber is a purposely built economy machine for operators who have confined field sizes and/or tractor horsepower. The lightweight 3 webber keeps the open front technology which is standard across the rest of the ScanStone destoner range and the hydraulically driven dual direction power scrubber web

  • Horsepower Requirement 120hp
  • Length 7.2-7.8m
  • Weight 4.5T
  • Working Width 1540mm or 1740mm
  • Number of Webs 3
  • Output 4kph
4 Webber

With various specifications and options, this is the flagship product of the company. The flower bulb conversion kit can be easily fitted to the machine and this system works particularly well with web machines rather than stars.

5 Webber

Generally, the 5 Webber has around 17-20% more output than the flagship 4 Webber with one extra web and one extra drop. Horse power requirements are increased with this machine, requiring around 160bhp.

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The ScanStone 5 Webber L is the highest capacity machine in the destoning range. This machine is complete with 4 regular webs and one long rear web. The hydraulically driven scrubber web is also a standard feature on the 5 Webber along with the open front system. Horse power requirement when fully loaded is up to 160hp. either in Load Sensing or Open Centre hydraulics. 

  • Horsepower Requirement 160hp
  • Length 9.1-9.8m
  • Weight 5.5-6.6T
  • Working Width 1540mm or 1740mm
  • Number of Webs 5
  • Output 4-7kph
6 Star

The ScanStone 6 Star uses a main front intake web to take the bulk of the soil into the machine which greatly reduces maintenance costs because a web is easier and cheaper to change than a single row of stars.

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The centre module of the machine comprises of a 6 Star unit which breaks down the clods and tough soil. The long rear web united with the hydraulically driven power scrubber web finishes the separating job leaving the required grade of soil behind the machine ready for planting. 

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