Crop Protection

Trailed Sprayers

Trailed Sprayers

Trailed sprayers have their own wheels and are towed behind a tractor. This type of sprayer is usually found working in larger fields as they can cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. Trailed sprayers have larger tank capacities and unlike mounted sprayers they have their own pumping system which is often powered by the tractors PTO. Scot Agri supplies Horsch’s Leeb AX, LT and GS ranges with capacities of 4,000l to 8,000l, Berthoud’s Vantage 2 Dark, Tracker and Win’Air ranges with capacities of 600l to 6,700l and Team’s Transit, Chariot, Fairway, Leader 3 and 4 ranges with capacities of 90l to 5,000l  

Crop Protection

Trailed Sprayers

Trailed Sprayers: Efficient Solutions for Crop Protection

Horsch Trailed Sprayers

Leeb AX

The Horsch Leeb AX series is designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind. It features a robust frame and a modern plastic tank with a low centre of gravity, ensuring stability. The BoomControl system provides precise application even in hilly terrain, minimizing drift and enhancing crop protection. With tank capacities up to 3800 litres, the Leeb AX offers reliable performance for medium to large-scale farming operations.

Leeb GS

The Leeb GS series combines large tank capacities (4000 to 8000 litres) with advanced boom technology. The BoomControl Pro system ensures exact application heights, reducing chemical use and drift. The GS models are equipped with high-capacity pumps and sophisticated control systems, making them suitable for extensive farming operations that require high efficiency and precision.

Leeb LT

The Horsch Leeb LT series is engineered for professional use, featuring tanks ranging from 4000 to 6000 litres. The LT series boasts high operational speeds and minimal drift due to its automatic boom control and continuous inside cleaning system. Its advanced features, such as Adapted Tyre Pressure Control and various track width options, ensure maximum flexibility and crop protection.

TEAM Trailed Sprayers


The TEAM Transit is a compact and efficient towed sprayer ideal for groundskeepers and small-scale farmers. It features adjustable pressure controls, various tank sizes (90 to 200 litres), and optional booms up to 3 metres. The robust design and ease of use make the Transit a reliable choice for maintaining lawns and smaller agricultural areas.


The TEAM Fairway series is tailored for greenkeepers and estate owners with large grass areas. Available with tank capacities up to 1500 litres and boom widths up to 12 metres, the Fairway ensures efficient application of fertilizers and herbicides. Its robust chassis, wide flotation tires, and modern design provide durability and ease of operation, making it perfect for large-scale grassland maintenance.


The TEAM Chariot is designed for versatility, allowing it to be towed by an ATV or used as a tractor-mounted unit. It comes with tank sizes from 300 to 600 litres and booms up to 12 metres. Key features include a clean water flushing system, low ground pressure wheels, and robust build quality, ensuring reliable performance in various terrains.

Leader 3

The TEAM Leader 3 series offers high capacity and advanced control systems for professional farmers. With tank sizes up to 4000 litres and booms ranging from 18 to 32 metres, the Leader 3 provides precise application and robust construction. Features like GPS boom section switching, hydraulic boom tilt, and automatic spray rate controllers make it an excellent choice for large farming operations.

Berthoud Trailed Sprayers


The Berthoud Vantage series stands out with its user-friendly design and high performance. Equipped with tanks from 3000 to 4200 litres and booms up to 36 metres, the Vantage ensures efficient spraying with its advanced control systems and durable construction. Features like automatic boom height adjustment and GPS compatibility enhance precision and ease of use.


The Win'Air series from Berthoud offers robust performance with tank capacities ranging from 2500 to 3500 litres and booms up to 30 metres. It is designed for easy operation and maintenance, with features like an intuitive control panel and efficient hydraulic systems, making it ideal for mid-sized farms.


The Berthoud Tracker series combines large tank capacities (3000 to 5200 litres) with advanced spraying technology. Its unique design ensures even distribution of chemicals, reducing waste and improving crop health. Features like the DynamicFluid4 regulation system and robust chassis make the Tracker a top choice for large-scale agricultural operations.


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