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Self Propelled Sprayers

Self Propelled Sprayers

Self-propelled sprayers are designed for the utmost efficiency, minimal crop disturbance, and are usually found in large-scale agricultural operations. Self-propelled sprayers feature large tanks, wide booms, innovative navigation systems, offer high ground clearance to protect the crops while they are growing and are capable of covering huge areas quickly. Scot Agri is proud to supply Berthoud’s Raptor range with a capacity of 4,200 to 5,200l and the Horsch Leeb PT range with a capacity of 6,000 to 8,000l.  

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Self Propelled Sprayers Range

Self-Propelled Crop Sprayers: Essential Tools for Modern Agriculture

Self-propelled crop sprayers are pivotal in modern agricultural practices, enhancing efficiency, precision, and productivity. These advanced machines allow farmers to apply fertilsers, pesticides, and herbicides uniformly across large fields, ensuring optimal crop protection and growth. Their mobility and technology-driven designs make them indispensable for managing extensive agricultural landscapes. 

Self-propelled sprayers also contribute to sustainable farming. Their precision application reduces chemical wastage, minimizing environmental impact. This precise delivery helps ensure that only the necessary amount of chemical is used, reducing runoff and preserving soil health.

Berthoud Raptor

The Berthoud Raptor series is known for its versatility and robust performance. Available in tank capacities from 3200 to 5200 litres and boom widths ranging from 24 to 44 metres, the Raptor is designed to tackle large agricultural areas efficiently. Key features include:

  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Ensures smooth and responsive control, enhancing maneuverability across varied terrains.
  • DEUTZ Engine: Provides reliable power and efficiency, supporting long operational hours with minimal downtime.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The Raptor is designed with the operator's comfort in mind, featuring a spacious cab with intuitive controls and excellent visibility, reducing fatigue during long spraying sessions.

The Raptor’s adaptability and high performance make it an excellent choice for farmers looking to maximize their spraying efficiency and comfort.

Horsch Leeb PT

The Horsch Leeb PT series sets a high standard in plant protection technology, combining efficiency, precision, and comfort. With tank capacities of 6000 to 8000 litres, the Leeb PT is engineered for large-scale farming operations. Highlights of the Leeb PT include:

  • ComfortDrive Chassis: Features a hydropneumatic single-wheel suspension, providing a car-like driving experience and excellent stability even at higher speeds.
  • Advanced Boom Control: The BoomControl system maintains a precise spraying height, ensuring optimal coverage and reducing chemical drift.
  • Automotive Drive Control: Offers features like maximum load control and speed regulation, adapting seamlessly between road and field modes for enhanced operational efficiency.

The Leeb PT’s advanced features and robust design make it an ideal solution for farmers seeking top-tier performance and precision in their crop spraying operations.

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