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Massey Ferguson is an innovative global leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery and technology.  Massey Ferguson have a legacy of quality and durability which has cemented its status as a trusted partner to farmers across the world.  

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Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson Tractors 

At the heart of every farm, Massey Ferguson tractors are engineered for power, efficiency, and reliability. From compact models like the MF1500 which are perfect for small operations to high-horsepower workhorses like the MF 9S range designed for large-scale farming, each tractor embodies the spirit of innovation. With user-friendly interfaces and unparalleled versatility, Massey Ferguson tractors ensure that you're equipped for any challenge the field presents.  

Massey Ferguson Combine Harvesters 

Revolutionise your harvest with Massey Ferguson's cutting-edge combine harvesters. Designed to maximise yield and minimise waste, these machines are the epitome of efficiency from the MF Activa with a grain capacity of 5,200l to the MF IDEAL9 with a capacity of 17,100l. Every Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester features advanced technology to streamline the harvesting process, and ensure a seamless transition from field to market, proving that high performance and ease of use can indeed go hand-in-hand. 

Massey Ferguson Grass Equipment  

Cultivate and maintain your fields with Massey Ferguson's comprehensive range of grass equipment. From rakes and tedders designed for efficient forage turning and conditioning to mowers that deliver a clean, even cut every time, our equipment is built to enhance your farm's productivity.  

Massey Ferguson Balers  

Massey Ferguson's balers are synonymous with durability and reliability. Whether you're looking for round or square bales, Massey Ferguson balers offer unmatched precision and consistency. Engineered for optimal performance in any conditions, these balers make quick work of even the toughest harvesting tasks, turning crop into profit with ease. 

Massey Ferguson products are available at:  

  • Forfar
  • Fraserburgh
  • Haddington
  • Huntly 
  • Kelso  

You can visit the Massey Ferguson website for further details.

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