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Scot Agri has a wide range of self-propelled, mounted, trailed, demount and pedestrian sprayers from Horsch, Berthoud and Team. Crop Protection products are essential for maintaining healthy crops and there are various types of sprayers that play a pivotal role in the effective delivery of crop protection.  

Horsch Leeb VT Self Propelled 600 X 600

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Sprayers from Scot Agri

Crop protection is crucial to safeguard you crops from pests, diseases, and weeds. At Scot Agri we have a wide range of sprayers that will ensure the maximum yield and quality from crops. Scot Agri has sprayers to suit every size of agricultural application.  

Self-Propelled Sprayers

Self-propelled sprayers are designed for the utmost efficiency, minimal crop disturbance, and are usually found in large-scale agricultural operations. Self-propelled sprayers feature large tanks, wide booms, and innovative navigation systems, offer high ground clearance to protect the crops while they are growing, and are capable of covering huge areas quickly. Scot Agri is proud to supply Berthoud’s Raptor range with a capacity of 4,200 to 5,200l and the Horsch Leeb PT range with a capacity of 6,000 to 8,000l.  

Mounted Sprayers

Mounted sprayers are designed to be attached directly to the hitch of a tractor and are best suited for use in small to medium-sized fields. They utilise the tractor’s movements and PTO to pump and spray the crops and are highly efficient for targeted applications where manoeuvrability is key. Scot Agri supplies Berthoud’s Alto, Heracles, Hermes 2 Dark and Twist’Air mounted sprayers with capacities from 300l to 3,500l. Scot Agri also supplies the Horsch Leeb CS and FT ranges with capacities from 1,650l to 2,350l and Teams Midget, Basic, and Club ranges with capacities from 90l to 800l.  

Trailed Sprayers 

Trailed sprayers have their own wheels and are towed behind a tractor. This type of sprayer is usually found working in larger fields as they can cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. Trailed sprayers have larger tank capacities and unlike mounted sprayers, they have their own pumping system which is often powered by the tractor's PTO. Scot Agri supplies Horsch’s Leeb AX, LT and GS ranges with capacities of 4,000l to 8,000l, Berthoud’s Vantage 2 Dark, Tracker, and Win’Air ranges with capacities of 600l to 6,700l, and Team’s Transit, Chariot, Fairway, Leader 3 and 4 ranges with capacities of 90l to 5,000l  

Demount Sprayers  

Demount sprayers can be mounted onto either a vehicle or trailer and removed when they are not in use offering greater versatility than other types of sprayers. These are a cost-effective crop protection option for farms and are particularly well-suited to farms that have diverse cropping systems or need to manage their equipment efficiently. Scot Agri supplies the Team LT range of demount sprayers with a capacity of 300l.   

Pedestrian Sprayers 

Pedestrian sprayers, also known as walk-behind sprayers, are the most manual crop protection option and are perfect for small farms, nurseries, or gardens. Although they are not suited for larger applications, they are important for high-value crops or where precision is paramount. Scot Agri supply Team’s Cub, Scout, Edly and Vixen range with capacities of 30l to 140l.  

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