Lawn tractors can be used for more than just mowing; many lawn tractors are now designed to allow for attachments to be added.

Sub-compact tractors have a smaller frame size and generally lower HP (horsepower) than compact tractors making them more manoeuvrable. They fall somewhere in between a lawn tractor and a compact tractor. A variety of attachments increase the usage potential of these machines, and they are great for loading and hauling dirt, manure, or snow.

Compact tractors are smaller in size and are excellent for a variety of farming applications where larger machinery is not suitable. They are compatible with backhoes, rotary tillers and front-end loaders making them capable of extensive tasks. Compact tractors are well suited to small farms, landscaping applications and businesses involved in livestock or hauling.

Utility tractors are useful for ploughing and pulling heavy implements and are compatible with harvesters and hay cutters etc.

Agricultural or row crop tractors are larger machines built for larger farms. They are designed to push and pull heavy implements with the main purpose being to grow and cultivate crops in a row. They are often described as ‘all-rounders’ as they can complete many farming operations.


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