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Engineered for power, efficiency, and reliability, Scot Agri’s range of Massey Ferguson and JCB tractors will help to boost your productivity across a vast range of agricultural tasks. With the latest technology and superior comfort, they are the perfect partners for farmers and agricultural contractors.

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About Scot Agri Tractors

Tractors are one of the most important machines on a farm. They are extremely versatile and can increase productivity and efficiency in any application. Scot Agri supplies and services the entire Massey Ferguson and JCB tractor range, with various models to suit every agricultural application.  

Compact Tractors from Scot Agri

The compact MF 1500 and 1700M series from Massey Ferguson are small but mighty, seamlessly blending power, flexibility, and dependability. Scot Agri’s compact tractor range is perfect for landscaping, lawn maintenance, municipal use, estate management and more. Their compact size gives them greater manoeuvrability than larger tractors without compromising on power or performance. The MF 1500 range has a max power ranging from 20Hp to 25Hp while the MF 1700 range has a max power of 35Hp to 67Hp.  

Utility Tractors from Scot Agri

Massey Ferguson’s MF 3 Series is perfect for those farmers looking for powerful but economical tractors. The MF 3 range has a maximum power range from 75Hp to 115Hp and has a wealth of options to suit any additional requirements. Utility tractors can perform a variety of tasks including ploughing, harrowing and transportation and will also support a range of implements which can be used for crop protection, drilling and more.

Large Tractors

For the most demanding tasks, Scot Agri has a wide range of large tractors which range in maximum power from 115Hp of the MF 5S to 425Hp of the MF 9S Range. Within the large tractor range we also sell the JCB Fastrac iCON 4000 and 8000 series, with a maximum power range of 167Hp to 335Hp.  

Our larger tractors are designed with powerful engines and the ultimate in cab comfort. They are perfect for larger-scale farming operations and invaluable assets when working on applications such as deep ploughing, heavy lifting, or extensive land clearing. They can also support large attachments used for crop protection and drilling.  

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