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Wheel Loaders

Mastering Bulk Handling with the JCB Wheel Loader Range from Scot Agri

CB wheel loaders are designed to effortlessly tackle the most challenging bulk handling jobs in agriculture. With a range of 13 models from the 403E to the 457S JCB have designed their wheel loaders to be reliable, productive and efficient.  

Wheel Loaders Range

About Scot Agri Wheel Loaders 

JCB wheel loaders are designed to make the toughest bulk handling jobs feel easy. Designed with decades of experience in the industry, the range of specific agricultural wheel loaders have been developed for the challenging environments presented on farming grounds. Focused on a machine which has high reliability, productivity, and is easy to use, JCB wheel loaders can quickly become an integral part of your operation. JCB wheel loaders have been part of the JCB product line for over 50 years. Specifically designed to be powerful yet easy to operate within a range of markets. 

Powerful Performance 

The product line features compact models through to large scale machines capable of handling more than 3m3 of material within its shovel. Requiring very little maintenance, this decreases time spent out of operation and increases productivity time.  

Equipped with JCB turbocharged engines, the wheel loader Agri range offers excellent power, with high engine torque available at low engine RPM, causing less noise and contributing to increased fuel economy. The compact machines within the range come standard with hydrostatic transmissions for total control and fast response. Larger models within the product line utilise a torque convertor transmission to enhance the low-speed capabilities of the machine. 

Strong Design 

The strengthened chassis of the JCB wheel loader range features an articulated joint which has been designed from the ground up to be comfortable in extreme vertical and horizontal loading, featuring a heavy-duty centre pivot bolt and twin-taper roller bearings. Combined with the engine power, JCB wheel loaders have some of the best power to weight ratios available for machines of this size.  

Designed with experience in the industry, the steering rams are positioned higher in the chassis than similar competitor models. This avoids potential collision and impact damage and reduces wear and tear on the vehicle. Operator comfort is a priority, with cab space designed to be as large as possible and positioned high to provide total visibility over operations. Larger models also feature the JCB CommandPlus Cab design for even more functionality with seat mounted controls included. 

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