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Reaching New Heights with JCB Telescopic Wheel Loaders and Scot Agri

Setting the standard for efficiency and versatility, JCB’s range of telescopic wheel loaders have been designed for maximum reach and strength as they lift and transport loads across a variety of environments. Featuring advanced hydraulics and a robust design, JCB telescopic wheel loaders ensure precision, ease of use and operator comfort.

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Telescopic Wheel Loaders Range

Scot Agri Telescopic Wheel Loaders

A telescopic wheel loader has the capabilities of a wheel loader with the bonus of a telescopic boom. This enables them to perform a huge variety of tasks from lifting and transporting materials over obstacles, to loading and unloading material at height, which would be unreachable for a wheel loader.  

Productive Performance  

JCB’s range of six telescopic wheel loaders have the latest Stage V engines, from the TM180 with a maximum power of 64Hp to the TM420S with a max engine power of 173Hp.  The maximum lift height ranges from 4.5m to 5.45m and the maximum lift capacity ranges from 1,800kg to 4,100kg.  

Comfortable and Easy to Use 

The next generation cab come with a right-hand arm rest which has improved the operator’s comfort. Each model has superb viability and a softer steering wheel for improved comfort and style. The TM320S and TM420S both have single lever mounted servo joystick controls and a choice of seats with fully adjustable heating and lumber supports.  

Reduced Cost of Ownership  

The JCB TM420S has an 8-speed powershift transmission with TorqueLock for improved fuel efficiency and an automatic variable engine cooling fan while the TM’s load sensing hydraulics will only use power on demand for even more fuel savings. There is also an automatic shutdown feature which switches off your engine when the machine is left idling.  

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