There is also have the option to upgrade to one of the following guidance systems: 

  • TerraStar-L

  • TerraStar-C Pro

  • RTK Radio

  • RTK Modem

The TerraStar-L offers accuracy of +/- 15cm and is great if you are looking to do a wider variety of tasks, however this requires an annual subscription cost.

TerraStar C-Pro is accurate up to +/-3cm and doesn’t require a base station or a modem however you will require a hardware unlock and there Is an annual subscription.

The RTK Radio has pass-to-pass accuracy of 2.5cm and is perfect if you require the highest levels of precision e.g. vegetable farming. With the RTK Radio you will have an annual subscription to Radio Base Station which also needs to be purchased.

Finally, the RTK Modem system offers the highest levels of accuracy with 2.5cm pass-to-pass which is provided through an NTRIP model and sim card. There are higher setup costs with this option as you will require the modem and hardware unlocks, as well as a sim and data -package.