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Mounted Sprayers

Mounted Sprayers

Mounted sprayers are designed to be attached directly to the hitch of a tractor and are best suited for use in small to medium sized fields. They utilise the tractor’s movements and PTO to pump and spray the crops and are highly efficient for targeted application where manoeuvrability is key. Scot Agri supplies Berthoud’s Alto, Heracles, Hermes 2 Dark and Twist’Air mounted sprayers with capacities from 300l to 3,500l. Scot Agri also supplies the Horsch Leeb CS and FT ranges with capacities from 1,650l to 2,350l and Teams Midget, Basic and Club ranges with capacities from 90l to 800l.  

Hermes Dark Mounted Sprayer 600X600

Mounted Sprayers

Mounted Sprayers: Precision and Flexibility for Crop Care

Mounted sprayers are essential for modern agriculture, offering precision and flexibility for various crop protection needs. At  Scot Agri we supply mounted sprayers from Berthoud, Horsch, and TEAM.

Berthoud Mounted Sprayers


The Berthoud Alto series is designed for small to medium-sized farms, offering tank capacities from 800 to 1,200 litres. The Alto sprayers feature robust construction, easy-to-use controls, and precise application technology. With advanced boom suspension and an efficient mixing system, the Alto ensures uniform coverage and minimal chemical waste.


The Heracles series by Berthoud provides high capacity and advanced technology for demanding agricultural tasks. With tank sizes up to 1,800 litres and booms up to 24 metres, Heracles sprayers deliver reliable performance and precise application. Key features include an ergonomic design, user-friendly controls, and robust build quality, making it ideal for large-scale operations.

Hermes 2 Dark

The Hermes 2 Dark series combines innovation and efficiency, offering tank capacities of up to 1,500 litres. Designed with the latest spraying technology, it includes features like automatic boom height adjustment, efficient chemical mixing, and easy maintenance. The Dark Edition adds a sleek design and enhanced durability, making it a stylish and reliable choice for modern farmers.


Berthoud’s Twist’air series stands out with its compact design and advanced aerodynamics. Available with tanks ranging from 800 to 1,200 litres, Twist’air sprayers offer precise application and easy maneuverability. The unique twistable boom design allows for versatile spraying patterns and excellent coverage, even in difficult-to-reach areas.

Horsch Mounted Sprayers

Leeb CS

The Horsch Leeb CS series is designed for high precision and efficiency in crop spraying. With tank capacities from 1,400 to 1,800 litres, the Leeb CS features the renowned BoomControl system, ensuring accurate application and minimal drift. Its user-friendly interface, robust build, and advanced spraying technology make it suitable for professional farmers looking for top-tier performance.

Leeb LT

While primarily a trailed sprayer, the Horsch Leeb LT can also be adapted for mounted use, offering flexibility and high capacity with tank sizes from 4,000 to 6,000 litres. The LT series includes features like continuous inside cleaning, BoomControl Pro, and adaptable track widths, ensuring precision and efficiency in various spraying conditions.

TEAM Mounted Sprayers


The TEAM Midget series is ideal for small farms and specialized applications, offering compact and lightweight designs with tank capacities up to 200 litres. These sprayers are easy to mount and operate, providing reliable performance for targeted spraying tasks. Features include manual boom adjustment and simple controls, making the Midget a cost-effective solution for smaller operations.


The TEAM Basic series provides a versatile and reliable option for medium-sized farms. With tank capacities from 400 to 800 litres, the Basic sprayers offer robust construction and efficient spraying technology. Key features include adjustable booms, user-friendly controls, and durable components, ensuring consistent performance and ease of use.


The TEAM Club series is designed for professional farmers seeking advanced technology and high capacity. With tank sizes up to 1,200 litres, the Club sprayers feature sophisticated control systems, adjustable booms, and efficient chemical mixing. The ergonomic design and advanced features make the Club series suitable for large-scale agricultural operations, providing precision and reliability in crop protection.

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