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Cutting Edge Combine Harvesters from Massey Ferguson and Scot Agri

Designed with the farmer in mind, Massey Ferguson combine harvesters excel in versatility, fuel efficiency, and ease of use, ensuring optimal yield and minimal waste. Equipped with advanced technology and ergonomic features, Massey Ferguson combine harvesters are the best choice for farmers seeking reliability and excellence in their harvesting operations.


Combine Harvesters Machinery Range

About Scot Agri Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters, or combines, are the centrepiece of the harvesting operation. By combining three different processes a combine harvester can make you more efficient and productive. Firstly, the combine cuts the crop, it then threshes it to separate the grain from the stalk and husks, and finally the combine harvester separates the grain from the chaff ensuring the end product is clean.  

Massey Ferguson Beta Combine Harvesters from Scot Agri 

The Beta range of combine harvesters from Massey Ferguson is straightforward and practical while still utilising the latest technology to ensure efficiency in the field.  

The cabs have been designed with plenty of space and excellent visibility ensuring a happy operator. The Paralevel system allows you to change the angle in the field effortlessly and offers levelling with the table on sloped up to 20%.  

Massey Ferguson Beta combine harvesters range from 8,600l on the Paralevel models to 9,000l on the standard versions and they have an unloading speed of 105 litres per second.  

Massey Ferguson Activa & Activa S Combine Harvesters from Scot Agri 

The Massey Ferguson Activa is an efficient and productive combine harvester range which is dependable and has low running costs. As with any Massey product they have been built to the highest of standards and are perfect for working with a wide range of crops including maize and rice. The Activa range has a grain capacity of 5,200l to 6,200l and an unloading speed that ranges from 72-85 litres per second.  

The Massey Ferguson Activa S range offers a higher level of comfort and larger grain capacity (8,600l) with the same straightforward and easy to use technology.  

Massey Ferguson IDEAL Combine Harvesters from Scot Agri 

Known as the “harvesting game changer” the Massey Ferguson IDEAL range has been purposefully engineered for the largest scale agricultural operations. The range is packed full of functionality and productivity to ensure you have the best harvest possible. MF IDEAL can hold up to 17,000l of grain, has a maximum power delivery of 647Hp and a gobsmacking unloading speed of 210 litres per second. The IDEAL range is well suited to large farms and agricultural contractors.  



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