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Combines are the centrepiece of the harvesting operation. By Combining multiple functions into one machine, combine harvesters dramatically increase your efficiency. With the ability to harvest and prepare crops from tens of acres in a single day, reducing the labour required and increasing the yield of the crop. As a result of this, Combines have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. Understanding the crucial role they now play in the harvesting operation, Scot Agri stocks a range of Massey Ferguson combine harvesters to enhance your productivity.

Powerful, hard-working, and efficient, Massey Ferguson Combine Harvesters are the premium option for your harvesting operations. Understanding that only the highest level of engineering can provide the best crop, Massey Ferguson combines several innovative features to ensure the best output. Scot Agri provides the Massey Ferguson Activa S, Beta, and Ideal range of combines, with options available within each product line.

The Massey Ferguson range covers every size of the farming application from a 260hp model in the Activa S line to the powerful maximum 647hp model of the Ideal range. The Combines offer cutting widths of between 7.6m-12.2m, making them ideal for all sizes of fields and crops. The range is capable of handling unloading rates of between 105-210l/s and a maximum grain capacity of up to 17,000l on the largest models. 

All Massey Ferguson combines are powered by AGCO-designed engines, specifically engineered to take on the challenges that heavy harvesting will bring. The largest of the range is the massive 9.8L AGCO engine available in the Ideal 9 range.

Understanding that every operation and operator is unique, Massey Ferguson has made all the harvesters available with options to tailor your combine experience to your needs.  With available options such as the ParaLevel, the patented system allows Massey Ferguson Combine Harvesters to handle slopes of up to 20% with ease, ensuring a continuous harvest regardless of changes in terrain.

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