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Enhance Soil Fertility with Scot Agri Spreaders

Muck and fertiliser spreaders play a pivotal role on farms by enhancing the soil to help to improve crop yield, Scot Agri supply muck spreaders from Ktwo and fertiliser spreaders from KRM.  


Spreaders Machinery Range

Scot Agri Muck Spreaders 

Scot Agri is proud to supply high-quality muck spreaders from Ktwo. Muck spreaders are used to disperse organic material across the fields to add essential nutrients and improve soil health. Ktwo has an extensive range of muck spreaders which include both horizontal and vertical beater options, each spreader has commercial axels and brakes as standard and has been designed to give the maximum output with even and precise spreading.  

Ktwo ECO Muck Spreaders 

Ktwo’s ECO Muck Spreaders offer a smaller capacity for farmers who are looking for a lighter-duty manure spreader. The range has twin vertical beaters and a rear discharge and it is capable of spreading a wide range of material with precision. There are three models in the range from ECO 50.8 to ECO 75.11 with a capacity ranging from 7.8 cubic metres to 10.8 cubic metres.   

Ktwo DUO Muck Spreaders 

The DUO range from Ktwo have twin vertical beaters and a rear discharge. The range has four models which offer capacities to suit most farmers and contractors. The smallest of the range is the DUO 600 MK 5 which has a capacity of 9.8 cubic metres while the largest in the range is the DUO 1200 MK 6 with a massive capacity of 21.2 cubic metres.  

Ktwo EVO Muck Spreaders 

Ktwo EVO muck spreaders have twin vertical beaters and a rear discharge. This range has been designed to deal with a wide range of material from sludge to chicken litter in the most demanding conditions. With four models in the range, from the EVO 1400 with a capacity of 21.5 cubic metres to the EVO 2400 Tandem with a capacity of 21.5 cubic metres.   

Ktwo BIO Muck Spreaders 

The BIO range from Ktwo has twin horizontal beaters and a rear discharge, it has been designed to provide the highest levels of accuracy making it perfect for spreading materials which are of a higher value. The design means it is perfect for applications where the farmer is working at lower rates and higher working widths. There are four models in the range, the BIO 1400 has a 21.5 cubic metre capacity while the largest in the range, the BIO 1800 has a huge 25.4 cubic metre capacity.  

Scot Agri Fertiliser Spreaders 

Scot Agri supplies a wide range of Fertiliser Spreaders from KRM including mounted and trailed spreaders which come in a variety of capacities and sizes. Fertiliser spreaders ensure the precise application of chemical or organic fertiliser to boost soil health.  

KRM K Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders 

KRM’s K range of heavy-duty Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are made bespoke to the customer’s needs and are a perfect fit for large scale farms and contractors. The floor belt of the K range runs along a powerful frame which features stainless steel beds while the ground wheel drive ensures a constant application rate, two or three speed gearboxes are available.  

KRM M Mounted Fertiliser Spreaders 

The M range from KRM, supplied by Scot Agri has six models within the range, can be linked to most popular GPS systems and have an electronic control added if required. From the M35 model which has a capacity of 1,800 to 3,750l to the M60W mounted fertiliser spread, which is the largest on the market with capacities up to 5,500l.  

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