Fertiliser spreaders are fundamental pieces of machinery for many farms regardless of their main enterprise. Their main functions are to evenly distribute fertiliser across the desired width while metering the flow. Fertiliser spreaders help to enhance crop growth and provide an excellent return for their investment.
With a range of fertiliser spreaders from KRM able to hold capacities of up to 5500L, they provide excellent coverage over all sizes of operations. KRM offer their L and M series of fertiliser spreaders, with the L series catering to smaller sizes of operations, while still providing superior spreading patterns and high levels of efficiency. The KRM M series is the largest fertiliser spreader available within KRM's line of products and come equipped with spreading widths of up to 42m.

A muck spreader is a piece of machinery used in agriculture to evenly distribute manure on farms and in fields. Typically, a muck spreader is a trailer towed by a tractor with a rotating mechanism that is powered by the tractor. There are also ground-based spreaders available.

Muck spreaders come in a variety of sizes and ranging capacities, so it is important to know what you require of the machine and what material you are looking to distribute. Muck spreaders can have vertical or horizontal beaters, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Vertical spreaders provide a thinner spread that is even and widely distributed. They are also good for all types of manure. Horizontal spreaders' beater teeth need changed less often and require less horsepower and less fuel to run.

Scot Agri provides a range of muck spreaders from Rolland and Ktwo, two of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality farming equipment. Rolland offers their Rollforce compact and standard manure spreaders, whereas Ktwo provides their Eco, Bio, and Evo muck spreaders. Both manufacturers’ machines come equipped with, innovative features and high performance. Able to accommodate capacities of up to 20 tonnes, the range of manure spreaders from Scot Agri are suitable for all sizes of agriculture operation.

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