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Field Ready Solutions: Trailers for Every Application from Ktwo and Scot Agri

With a variety of trailers for compacting, tipping, dumping, or transport, Scot Agri provides trailers for every application in the farming process. Scot Agri trailers are designed and manufactured by Ktwo who are known for their excellent build quality and ease of use.  


Trailers Machinery Range

Scot Agri Trailers manufactured by Ktwo 

Scot Agri sells and services the entire range of high quality Ktwo trailers to suit every possible farming application. Ktwo has been manufacturing agricultural products since the 1980s, with their most recent development being the launch of the Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer which boasts an additional 40% compaction on similar trailers in the industry.  

Ktwo Roadeo Compact & Push Trailers

The Roadeo Compact & Push trailer from Ktwo is the leading compaction trailer in the UK boasting a premium specification and the advantages of a pusher trailer compared to a tipper. The Compact & Push trailer is perfect for farmers and contractors who are looking for large haulage solutions, the range has three models; 1800,2000, and 2500 offering a standard capacity of between 31 and 42.2 cubic metres.  

Ktwo Roadeo Curve Trailers 

The Ktwo Roadeo Curve range of tipping trailers are well suited to the demands of any farm or contractor. Each of the three models within the range are made of high tensile steel and come with a large cubic capacity ranging from the 1200 model which holds 16.8 cubic metres of grain or 29.5 cubic metres of silage, through to the 1400 model which holds 19 cubic metres of grain and 33.3 cubic metres of silage.  

Ktwo Roadeo Dumper Trailers 

The Roadeo Dumper trailer range from Ktwo is a high-quality agricultural dumper that comes with a high angled tipping point. The range is made up of two models, the DT1400 with a capacity of 17.1 cubic metres and a 5.5m long body, and the DT1600 with a capacity of 18.8 cubic metres and a body which is 6m in length.  

Ktwo Roadeo Flatbed Trailers  

Ktwo Roadeo flatbed trailers are perfect for moving bales, pallets, bags, boxes and more. The range is made up of four models starting at the Roadeo FB26 with a 14,000kg carrying capacity, 7.95m bed length and 2.55m bed width, through to the Roadeo FB 32 with a 16,000kg capacity, 9.75m bed length and 2.55m bed width.  

Ktwo Roadeo Contractor Trailers  

Ktwo’s Roadeo Contractor trailer range is a construction tipper with a flat floor which has been designed to carry heavy duty material such as stone. The range has three models in it, CT1400 with a capacity of 14,000kg through to the CT2000 with a 20,000kg capacity.  

Ktwo Low Loader Trailers  

Low Loader Trailers by Ktwo have been designed to give you  maximum stability with the low ride height and hydraulic folding rear ramps. The ramp angle has also been reduced to make it even easier to load. The range has two models; the Roadeo LL 226 which has an 18,000kg carrying capacity and the LL 26 Tri Axle which has a 22,000kg capacity.

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