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Horsch is a leading global manufacturer of innovative agricultural farming solutions for soil cultivation, seeding and crop protection. Horsch offers a wide range of products that will help maximise your crop yield including their cultivation range, drilling machinery and crop protection equipment.  

Seed & Soil Horsch

Horsch Machinery Range

Horsch Soil Cultivation 

Horsch cultivators and disc harrows are at the forefront of soil preparation, designed to optimise soil conditions for maximum yield. These products effortlessly break up soil, incorporate residues, and prepare seedbeds, ensuring an ideal environment for seed germination and growth.  

Horsch Disc Drills  

Horsch disc drills offer unparalleled precision and efficiency. They were designed for seamless soil penetration and accurate seed placement to ensure your crops will flourish. Their innovative design minimizes soil disturbance, preserving moisture and soil structure, which is crucial for the germination and early growth stages of crops. 

Horsch 3-Point-Seeder Drills  

Horsch's 3 point seeder drills are tailored for precision seeding, they offer adjustable seeding rates and depth control, ensuring each seed has the potential to flourish. Ideal for farms aiming to maximise their crop output.  

Horsch Strip Cultivators  

Horsch's strip cultivators offer an innovative approach to tillage and seeding. By tilling only the plant row and leaving the rest undisturbed, they combine the benefits of conservation tillage with the efficiency of conventional methods. This technique enhances soil health, reduces erosion, and increases water infiltration, contributing to sustainable farming practices. 

Horsch Crop Protection  

Horsch's crop protection range is vast, from advanced sprayers designed for precision application, to innovative technology that ensures uniform coverage, Horsch empowers farmers to safeguard their crops against pests and diseases efficiently. These crop protection solutions are engineered to minimise environmental impact while maximising effectiveness.  

Horsch products are available at our Forfar, Fraserburgh, Glenrothes, Haddington, Huntly, Kelso, Muir of Ord, and Perth depots. 

You can visit the Horsch website for further details. 

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