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Advanced Mowing Solutions from Scot Agri

Scot Agri supplies only the most productive and efficient equipment to suit the needs of the modern farmer. From robust and precise silage mowers from Massey Ferguson to Spearheads comprehensive range of rotary, flail and reach mowers Scot Agri has the mower for you.  

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Scot Agri Silage Mowers  

Massey Ferguson’s range of disc mowers are designed with the usual innovation and quality you expect from the Massey Ferguson brand, they are hardworking, efficient, and long lasting. There are 27 models within the MF DM range from the MF DM 164 (F) with 4 mower discs through to the MF DM 9314 EL TL-KCB (P) with 14 mower discs. Each model within the range offers precise mowing thanks to the gear bed cutter bar which is heard wearing and simple to maintain. The lightweight design of the range gives you the maximum yield and can easily adapt to varied field conditions.  

Scot Agri Rotary Mowers 

Spearhead have manufactured an extensive range of rotary mowers including the multi-cut range. Rotary mowers are often used for green maintenance and vegetation management, the Spearhead multi-cut range has a cutting width of 1.6m to 6.38m with tractor Hp requirements ranging from 50Hp to 100Hp.  

Scot Agri Flail Mowers 

Scot Agri is proud to flail mowers by Spearhead, well known for their high output. The Sniper range is a favourite with professional operators and is used in a maintenance of a variety of vegetation. With working widths of 1.2m to 7.6m there is a Sniper suited to every application.  

Scot Agri Reach Mowers  

The Spearhead Twiga range of reach mowers is one of the largest reach mower ranges on the market and it is perfect for working on hedgerow maintenance and vegetation management. With a reach range from 3.2m to 8.9m and a variety of attachments available there is a Twiga for you.

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