Berthoud, a leader in crop protection technology with a heritage rooted in innovation and precision, Berthoud manufactures cutting-edge solutions for effective and efficient crop protection. Their commitment to sustainability and performance is evident in their range of sprayers, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture. 


Berthoud Machinery Range

Mounted Sprayers  

Berthoud's mounted sprayer range includes the Alto, Heracles, Hermes 2 Dark and Twist-Air. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of tractors, and they offer exceptional manoeuvrability and ease of operation. Equipped with advanced technology, they ensure precise application of crop protection products, reducing waste and environmental impact. 

Self-Propelled Sprayers 

For those seeking the ultimate in efficiency and autonomy, Berthoud's self-propelled sprayers represent the pinnacle of innovation. Berthoud’s Raptor was built for optimal performance in even the most challenging conditions, offering unmatched speed and precision. With a focus on operator comfort and safety, they feature state-of-the-art cabins and intuitive controls. The self-propelled range is ideal for large-scale operations requiring frequent and extensive spraying.  

Trailed Sprayers 

Berthoud's trailed sprayers including the Vantage 2 Dark, Tracker and Win’Air, are designed for farmers who demand the highest standards of accuracy and capacity. These sprayers combine the ease of towing with Berthoud’s innovative spraying technology, ensuring thorough coverage and efficient use of crop protection. With a range of tank sizes and boom widths, they are versatile enough to accommodate various farming operations, from mid-sized to large agricultural operations.  

Berthoud Sprayers are available at our Glenrothes, Perth, Forfar, Huntly and Fraserburgh depots. 

You can visit the Berthoud website for further details.

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