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AFT Drainage Machinery

AFT Drainage Machinery

For nearly 40 years, AFT Trenchers Ltd. has been leading the way in specialist trenching equipment. Starting with self-propelled machines in the 1970s, AFT introduced innovative solutions like the AFT65 tractor-mounted trencher in the 1980s, which became a global success. The 1985 launch of the WizzWheel revolutionized sportsturf drainage, followed by the versatile AFT45.

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About AFT

AFT Drainage Equipment: Efficient Trenching Solutions

AFT100 Agricultural Drainage Trencher

The best-selling tractor-mounted trencher, the AFT100, ensures efficient land drainage, preventing soil saturation and promoting healthy crop growth. It digs perfectly graded trenches up to ten times faster than a backhoe or excavator, making it a cost-effective solution for farmers.

AFT100 Civil LD Trencher

Designed for civil engineering, the AFT100 Civil LD trencher offers high-speed trenching and precision, reducing reinstatement and backfill costs. It is adaptable for various trench widths and depths, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

MH100 Road Rail Trencher

The MH100 excavator-mounted trencher provides high-speed trenching in challenging conditions, cutting trenches much faster than conventional digging equipment. It is versatile and cost-effective, making it ideal for various applications.

Why Choose AFT Trenchers?

AFT Trenchers Ltd. is renowned for high-quality, innovative trenching equipment that enhances productivity and efficiency. Our machines offer significant cost savings, proven reliability, and exceptional performance in various applications. Explore our range today for superior trenching solutions.

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