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From Field to Yield: Grassland Machinery from Scot Agri

Scot Agri supplies a comprehensive range of grassland machinery from Massey Ferguson and Spearhead including balers, rakes, tedders, silage mowers, rotary mowers, flail mowers and reach mowers. Whether you are from a large agricultural operation, or a small farm, Scot Agri has the grass machinery for you.  

Grass Machinery

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Scot Agri offers a diverse selection of Massey Ferguson balers for every farming need, including both round and square balers. Massey Ferguson balers are known for their efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to different materials like straw, hay, or silage. Round balers come in fixed and variable chamber options for consistent or customisable bale sizes, while square balers are designed for easy handling and transportation. Massey Ferguson's balers cater to both small family-run farms and large-scale operations, ensuring high-quality baling solutions for all agricultural needs. 


The MF RK Series of rotary rakes, embodies decades of agricultural expertise to offer productivity, reliability, and durability. This comprehensive range includes models from single rotor rakes for smaller tasks to large multi-rotor rakes for extensive operations, with working widths up to 14m. Designed with enclosed rake heads to protect against debris, and featuring lightweight yet sturdy construction materials, these rakes ensure longevity. The positioning of the arms and innovative Steerguard steering system enhances working speed and precisionhile the adaptable ground suspension allows for efficient operation on uneven terrain, maximum productivity, and efficient maintenance.  


Scot Agri supplies Massey Ferguson MF TD Series tedders, which are engineered for optimal crop management efficiency. These tedders, ranging from models ideal for small farms to those suited for large-scale operations, ensure an even crop spread. Constructed from durable galvanised flat steel with a unique comb effect from the tines, they enhance forage quality through perfect mixing and turning. Designed to increase movement and speed, these tedders reduce sward damage and crop contamination, making them a reliable choice for farmers aiming to maximise harvest potential. 


Scot Agri offers a wide array of mowing solutions for modern farming needs, featuring Massey Ferguson's durable and efficient silage mowers and Spearhead's extensive selection of rotary, flail, and reach mowers. Massey Ferguson's disc mowers are known for their innovation, precision, and low maintenance, with a range that can handle varied field conditions. Spearhead's mowers, including the versatile multi-cut rotary and high-output Sniper flail mowers, cater to a broad spectrum of vegetation management tasks. The Spearhead Twiga reach mowers, areideal for hedgerow and extensive vegetation management and boast one of the largest ranges available, ensuring a suitable option for every farming application. 

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