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Precision farming represents a huge change in agricultural management, harnessing technology to ensure that crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimal health and maximum yield. At its core, precision farming involves the use of GPS tracking systems, drones, satellite imagery, and sensor technology to monitor field conditions, allowing for tailored cultivation practices. This methodological approach enables farmers to precisely manage variables such as moisture levels, pest pressure, soil conditions, and micro-climates.  

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Scot Agri can assist you in achieving your PrecisionFarming vision

Precision farming significantly enhances the efficiency of your operation by reducing waste of water, fertiliser, seed, and crop protection products through precise application. This not only cuts operational costs but also lessens environmental impact, supporting sustainable farming practices. Moreover, by optimising growing conditions, precision farming can boost crop yields, improve quality, and ensure more reliable production. 

Choosing the right products to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business can be difficult, however at Scot Agri we have trained specialists who can assist you in your decision making and recommend the products best for you. 

Let Scot Agri assist you in achieving your precision farming vision.

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Massey Ferguson

Fuse from Massey Ferguson is helping farmers across the world to become more efficient and minimise machinery downtime.  



JCB’s innovative machinery offers technological solutions to help you overcome everyday farming challenges.  



Patchwork Technology provide simple to use GPS systems that can be easily fitted to your tractor to improve your productivity.   

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