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Maximise Your Harvest with the Massey Ferguson Tedder Range from Scot Agri

Massey Ferguson's MF TD Series Tedders have been meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency and quality of your crop management. Designed to work harmoniously with nature, these tedders ensure an even spread of crops, allowing you to harness the full potential of your land and reap the rewards. 

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Scot Agri Tedders 

Scot Agri is proud to supply Massey Ferguson’s range of tedders. The MF TD Series ranges from the MF TD 404 DN Gen 2, ideal for smaller farms with a working width of 4m and 4 rotors, to much larger MF TD 1310 X TRC with a working width of 12.5m and 10 rotors, perfect for large-scale operations.  


The arms of Massey Ferguson Tedders are made of galvanised flat steel, which is robust and tough and allows for a larger contact area, while the hexagonal shaft eliminates backlash and allows for a smooth power delivery throughout the rake. 


High-quality forage is guaranteed with Massey Ferguson tedders through the specifically designed comb effect provided by the tines. Created with equal lengths to provide a well-balanced mix, this enables perfect mixing and rotation while working through the ground.  This means that there is no requirement for left or right-handed tines, and therefore parts management is ultimately easier. 

Massey Ferguson TD series tedders provide up to 50% more movement on each crop revolution. This also helps to protect against sward damage and crop contamination. The tines rotate up to 12% faster due to their larger size, allowing for even more pickup.

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