Team Sprayers, a distinguished UK manufacturer known for their bespoke spraying solutions that cater to a wide range of agricultural and horticultural needs. With a focus on innovation, precision, and durability, Team Sprayers is committed to delivering high-quality sprayers that enhance the efficacy of crop protection and maintenance. 

Sprayer Demount Team 600X600

Team Machinery Range

Demount Sprayers 

Team’s demount sprayer range, Team LT is designed to be mounted on a variety of vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, and tractors. These sprayers are ideal for operations requiring quick deployment and versatility across different terrains and crops. Equipped with advanced spraying technology, they offer precise application rates and maximum coverage.  

Mounted Sprayers 

For seamless integration with farm machinery, Team mounted sprayers provide an exceptional balance of performance and convenience. The Team mounted sprayer range includes the Midget, Club, and Basic ranges which are easily attached to tractors, enabling efficient spray application over large areas. With a wide variety of boom sizes and tank capacities there is a Team mounted sprayer to suit most agricultural applications.  

Pedestrian Sprayers 

Catering to the needs of specialised or smaller scale operations, Team’s pedestrian sprayers offer mobility and precision. These walk-behind units are perfect for nurseries, greenhouses, and sports turf management, offering targeted spray application with minimal effort. Team has four pedestrian sprayer ranges including Cub, Scout, Ely and Vixen. Their ease of use and manoeuvrability make them an essential tool for precise spot treatments and maintenance tasks. 

Trailed Sprayers 

For large-scale agricultural operations, Team’s trailed sprayers offer a larger tank capacity and greater performance. Designed to be towed behind a tractor, these sprayers boast large tank volumes and wide boom options, ensuring efficient coverage of extensive areas. Team offers five trailed sprayer ranges, from the Transit with a 90l tank capacity to the Leader 4 with up to 5,000l tank capacity. Their robust construction and advanced spraying systems provide reliable operation and uniform application, even under challenging conditions. 

Team Sprayers are available at our Forfar, Glenrothes and Huntly depots.  

 You can visit the Team website for further details. 

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