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From Grass to Greatness: Massey Ferguson Balers from Scot Agri

At Scot Agri we supply and service the entire range of Massey Ferguson balers. Massey Ferguson is a brand synonymous with quality and efficiency, they have a wide range of balers including both round and square ranges.  

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Balers from Scot Agri

Massey Ferguson offers a diverse range of balers that cater to a wide range of farming needs, from small scale family-run farms to large-scale agricultural operations. Massey Ferguson balers are known for their reliability and efficiency whether you are working with straw, hay, or silage.  

Round Balers from Scot Agri

Round balers are versatile, cost saving, and the cylindrical shape of the bales makes them incredibly easy to stack. Massey Ferguson have two round chamber baler ranges. The MF RB F range are fixed chamber balers which produce bales of the same size and shape on every use. The range has two models with a pick-up width ranging from 2.25m to 2.4m.  

The MF RB V range,however, has a variable chamber which means that you can change the size of your bales dependant on your needs. This range has two models where you can adjust the chamber from 0.7m to 1.6m.  

Square Balers from Scot Agri

Square balers produce square or rectangular bales which make transportation easier.  They are also more durable and easier to handle so can be better suited to farms where the weather is often wet. There are two square baler ranges available; the MF1840 which produces bales sized 356x457mm and MF LB 2200 which produces larger bales sized 1,200mm.  

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