KRM L Line Fertiliser Spreaders

With decades of experience in the industry, KRM are experts at exceeding the demands the industry has for quality and productivity in the fertiliser spreading category. Understanding the crucial role that efficient fertiliser spreading has on the quality of the crop, KRM L Line products ensure the highest consistency at all flow rates, in a compact size. This allows for a best-in-class result for a machine of this size.

The L Line fertiliser spreaders are a fantastic option for small to medium-sized operations, with spreading distances from 6m-24m and capacities of up to 2050 litres. Easily mountable and designed for quick setup, the L Line products provide fantastic value while maintaining a premium level of engineering.

Innovative Performance

Every KRM L-Range fertiliser is full of innovative and industry-leading features which make them excellent choices for your operation. Every machine has been rigorously tested to ensure total consistency across the range, which allows a Spread Chart to be available for each machine. The fully enclosed clutch provides increased protection against wear and tear. The included fertiliser test kit, allows information to be taken and further improvements to your spreader operation can take place. 

With a variety of electronics to assist the operation of the machines, giving readings on the application flow rate, area of spread, weight and GPS. All are displayed efficiently with easy access to information, to allow changes to be made when required.


Condensed Productivity

The L-Range of products allows you to be productive at a reduced size and weight, with intuitive features KRM's adaptable agitator provides a consistent flow of martial at every setting. Relying entirely on the weight of the material to operate, oscillation is tailored to changes in materials, meaning finer material has less opportunity to become powdered. A flow control cone is added inside all of the hoppers, along with blockage protection screens to ensure the material does not block or restrict performance. 

Unlike other machines in this class, the L line of KRM mounted fertilisers include a double shutter outlet. This means there is no need to alter any additional settings, simplifying the operation of the machine.

KRM L Line Fertiliser Spreaders

L15 Trend
L15 Trend

The KRM L15 showcases a range of exceptional spreaders which focuses on quality, maximum precision, and ease of use for the operator. The L15 Trend spreader is ideally suited to smaller farming applications. 

L20/L20W Trend
L20/L20W Trend

This Trend spreader has been carefully designed and developed from years of both practical experiences and listening closely to the feedback of farmers all over the world. The KRM L20 and L20W (weigh cell fitted) Trend spreader, with stainless steel features, is ideally suited to the arable and grassland farmer operating mid-sized operations.

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