MF Ideal Combine

The Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine harvester ranger is the pinnacle of MF harvesting technology. Engineered for the largest-scale agricultural operations, the MF IDEAL Range is packed full of functionalities to ensure the best harvest possible. Built to provide guaranteed grain quality, enormous output, slick operation, and outstanding control. All of this while promising high levels of driver comfort and machine efficiency.

The Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine range is available with a grain capacity of up to 17,000 litres, and maximum power delivery of 647HP. A huge unloading speed of 210 l/sec means less time is spent unloading and more time is spent being productive in the field. Combined with a maximum cutting width of up to 12.2m, the Massey Ferguson IDEAL range is the perfect harvest partner.


Seamless cutting in all environments is provided by TerraControl II, engineered with a mix of automatic functions such as table-levelling, ground-follow, and headland management. Autodock allows the header to be hooked up with the simple press of a button in the cab. All functions are made automatic including mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic.


Fantastic visibility is provided by the narrow pillars and a massive glass view of 5.75m2. The IDEAL range is available with optional LED lights, and multiple 3D view cameras to improve visibility in low light conditions. The ingenious MF IDEALDrive offers an unmatched level of control over the machine, with joystick and PowerGrip movement providing ergonomic and straightforward control over the machine.


The MF IDEAL range has been fully homologated to allow for EU Road use, allowing for easy transport between locations. The combination of the Streamer 210 is seen on the IDEAL 9 as standard, and available on other models as an option to unload at the unprecedented rate of up to 210 l/sec. Dual Helix rotors provide the largest main threshing area on the market, around 25% larger than any other combine on the market.  


The TrakRide track system is one of the most reliable and efficient on the market, delivering exceptional performance while also reducing maintenance costs, with a range of sizes on offer up to 36’. Available with the optional ParaLevel system on all models to accommodate arable operations with slopes of up to 20%

MF Ideal Combine

MF Ideal 7
MF Ideal 7

The MF Ideal range has been designed with extra long, low compressor rotors which help avoid damage to the grain, leaving straw in excellent condition.

  • Max Power 451HP
  • Grain Capacity 17,100l
  • Unloading Speed 210l/s
  • Max Cutting Width 10.7m
  • Engine AGCO Power 9.8l
MF Ideal 8
MF Ideal 8

the IDEALharvest self-adjusting function option makes life easier for the driver while using the grain quality camera and acoustic sensors around the machine. The dashboard is very straight forward and easy to understand and can also be viewed on the tech touch terminal or the SmartConnect app. 

  • Max Power 538HP
  • Grain Capacity 17,100l
  • Unloading Speed 210l/s
  • Max Cutting Width 12.2m
  • Engine MAN 12.4l
MF Ideal 9
MF Ideal 9

the IDEAL range has a cab that offers the driver both comfort, space, and quietness while working. With only 7dB it is one of the quietest on the market and comes with a ventilated seat, iPad mount, and user friendly controls. 

  • Max Power 647HP
  • Grain Capacity 17,100l
  • Unloading Speed 210l/s
  • Max Cutting Width 12.2m
  • Engine MAN15.2l

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