Thorough (LOLER) Examination from Scot Agri 

Scot Agri is committed to the safety and wellbeing of their customers.To ensure machinery is working correctly we offer a comprehensive thorough inspection (LOLER) (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) examination for all agricultural lifting machinery. 

A thorough examination or LOLER is required for all agricultural lifting equipment annually by law. The examination ensures that the machinery is safe to use which helps to prevent accidents and maintains high safety standards for your business. It is also a requirement of many insurance policies. 

There are seven steps to complete a LOLER examination:  

  1. Pre-examination Prep: Reviewing the equipment’s service history and previous LOLER reports.  
  2. Visual Inspection: Identify any visual defects or damage to structural components of the machine.  
  3. Functional Testing: Checking the operation of controls, safety devices, brakes and alarms. 
  4. Load Testing: Carry out tests to verify that the machine can safely handle the maximum load specified.  
  5. Check Attachments: Inspect all attachments for compatibility, wear or damage if required.  
  6. Documentation & Reporting: All findings are documented, and any issues identified. If the equipment passes the inspection a report and certificate is issued.  
  7. Post Examination Follow-Up: Ensure any defects are fixed, then conduct a re-inspection before the machine is put back to work.   

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