Honda Fourtrax ATVs

The Honda Fourtrax and Foreman series of ATVs are built to offer performance, ability and durability in a range of engine sizes and model specifications. Priding themselves on engineering excellence and complete reliability, Honda ATVs are engineered to be adaptable for several different roles in the agricultural market. 

The Honda range includes the UK's best-selling ATV, the Honda Fourtrax 420, as well as the all-around workhorse in the Honda Foreman 520. Honda ATV Quads come with various features to become an integral part of your agricultural operations. Designed for the highest levels of performance from day one, all Honda Quad ATVs have been designed with the same technology and design processes that their other vehicles receive. This means the same meticulous attention to detail that is seen in Honda's range of products carries over to the ATV range. 

Excellent Performance

Honda has engineered their range of Quad ATVs to include several innovative features, and increase your level of productivity. The standard 420cc engine in the Fourtrax range offers excellent performance with exceptional fuel economy, while the increased 518cc engine in the Forman Range further improves performance levels. The engine mounting has been placed specifically to make the Honda ATV range nimble and easy to drive. Further features such as the Forward to Reverse Skip Switch allows for a bypass of neutral when reversing. 

The 5-Speed transmission with an automatic clutch helps transfer the excellent toque from the engine and increases towing capabilities up to 599kg depending on the options and model selected. 

Outstanding Handling

4WD is standard on all models, allowing for unrivalled off-road capabilities, while Honda's TraxLok system allows a quick switch between 2WD and 4WD modes for lighter steering in more suitable conditions. Available with Power Steering reducing kickback from the handlebars and further improving steering capabilities, Honda ATVs have been designed with ease of use as a priority.

Differential lock on all models helps aid tracking in slippery conditions. The Preload rear suspension found on all Honda ATVs creates an adjustable ride height based on the location, load, and conditions. This makes the Honda ATVs highly adaptable, able to fit multiple roles.



Honda Fourtrax ATVs

Fourtrax 420

The base model in the Honda Fourtrax 420 product line, the ATV comes standard with 4WD, TraxLok, a Manual 5-speed transmission and a limited-slip differential. 

Fourtrax 420 PS

The Honda Fourtrax 420 PS has all of the features on the standard model, plus additional Power Steering to help kickback through the handlebars.

Fourtrax 420 DCT PS

Honda Fourtrax 420 DCT PS maintains all the features of the PS, while also adding a unique five-speed Dual Clutch auto-transmission for seamless acceleration over all terrain 

Fourtrax 420 DCT IRS PS

Further improving the ride quality, the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) improves overall ride quality for improved ride quality and traction, providing a more comfortable experience. 

Foreman 520 PS

The Heavy Duty Honda Foreman 520 is packed full of performance and productivity. This model includes Power Steering (PS) as a standard across the range.

Foreman 520 IRS PS

The Foreman 520 IRS PS includes all of the features seen on the standard 520 with the enhanced Independent Rear Suspension to aid in ride comfort and stability.

Foreman 520 DCT IRS PS

The premium Foreman 520 comes with all of the features seen in the rest of the range, and also includes the additional Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) provides seamless gear changes

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