Cruiser Soil Cultivation

Cruiser XL
  • Expert in shallow cultivation
  • Perfect stubble cultivation with a perfect distribution of straw
  • Ideal for seedbed preparation
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  • An effective fine cultivator for mechanical tillage
  • For soil loosening and aeration in the spring
  • 5 - 12 m working width
  • Power demand starting at 115 kW / 160 HP (XL 3-point)
  • 4-bar design for a long stay of soil in the cultivator
  • FlexGrip tines with mechanical overload protection and a release force of 100 kg
  • 5 cm narrow coulters for intensively mixing, shallow cultivation
  • 18 cm wide wing coulters for a shallow full-surface tillage
Cruiser 5/6 XL

The Cruiser XL is a 6-bar specialist for shallow and medium-deep tillage.

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  • Due to the clearance at the tine shaft of 700 mm even large quantities of organic material are no problem.
  • The working depth is adjusted via the support wheels at the front and the packer.
  • The available working widths range from 5 to 6 meter.
  • It is equipped with the HORSCH spring tine which rests unobtrusively in the frame and has a release force of 150 kg.
  • The cultivator can be equipped with all four different cultivating point version and thus can be used in all seasons.
  • The chassis of the Cruiser 5 / 6 XL is located behind the tine section, in front of the leveling tools. The chassis with its large wheels is used for road transport as well as for turning on the headlands.
  • The sophisticated design characteristics of the chassis guarantees high ground clearance when lifted as well as a save swiveling of the tyres out of the working range when lowered.
  • The position of the chassis has been chosen to guarantee optimum maneuverability in the field and high driving comfort on the road.
  • To be able to make optimum use of the tractive output, the Cruiser XL is equipped with a fully integrated tractive power amplifier that transfers weight to the rear axle of the tractor with 1 200 kg while working.
  • It is activated by switching the control device for lifting and lowering to a depressurised condition, without any additional control devices or cylinders.
Cruiser 10/12 XL

The specialist for shallow and medium tillage

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  • Intensive mixing of harvest residues due to 6-bar frame design
  • All-over cutting during stubble cultivation
  • Excellent levelling of the field
  • Production of the fine soil in the seedbed
  • 10 m and 12 m working width
  • Excellent stability for highest tractor powers
  • Working depth is adjusted via the robust, well-proven AluClips
  • Working depth up to 15 cm
  • Double-RollPack packer for intensive consolidation
  • Disc levelling with maintenance-free bearing in front of the packer
  • Well-proven frame concept with revolver chassis
  • ORSCH spring tines: Combines consistent working depth and the ability to move to the side and upwards to avoid obstacles.

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