Serto Seeding Technology

Serto SC
Serto SC
  • End-to-end tyre packer in connection with a heavy double disc seed coulter
  • Two seed coulters run behind very tyre with a row spacing of 16.6 cm
  • Packer for levelling and consolidation
More Info
  • HORSCH PowerDisc coulter is ideal for difficult conditions
  • Total hopper capacity of 6,000 litre is separated with a ratio of 60:40
  • Optional: 300-liter hopper for micro-granular compound
  • The machine folds to a transport width of 3 m by pushing a button
  • 10-12 m working width
  • Horsepower requirement from 200 kW / 280 hp

Distinguishing Features of Serto SC

  • Very low horsepower requirement even on light soils due to the end-to-end packer
  • The slim seed tank guarantees easy accessibility
  • Perfect view of the machine and the field
  • Horsepower Requirement from 280hp
  • Hopper Capacity 6,000l
  • Working Width 10-12m

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