Terrano Soil Cultivation

The Terrano FX provides cultivation without compromise. The machine is extremely manoeuvrable due to its compactness and has a large selection of packers for optimal adaptation to the conditions of the site.  It is robust, even for harsh environments and very low maintenance.

Terrano Soil Cultivation

Terrano FX
Terrano FX
  • TerraGrip tines with a release force of 350kh are especially recommended on stony and rocky soils
  • Working width of 3-5m
  • Power demand starting at 90kW/120HP
  • Working depth between 5 and 30cm
Terrano FM
Terrano FM

The Terrano FM is an all-round cultivator with a large range of applications including a flexible packer mounting due to quick-change system. This machine can be operated without a packer due to middle chassis and has precise depth control.

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  • Low power requirement due to 28cm wide row spacing
  • 4,80 – 12,15m working width
  • Power demand starting at 150kW/205HP
Terrano MT
Terrano MT

The Terrano MT is extremely useful for heavy soils in the conditions of high rainfall. this machine is extremely manoeuvrable due to the middle chassis which can be used for depth control. breaking of the disc harrow cultivation horizon with the help of the following cultivator tines.

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  • Power demand starting at 150kW/180HP
  • 40-6m working width
Terrano GX
Terrano GX

The Terrano GX can be used for shallow and deep cultivation of up to 25cm and is available as a 3 and 4-bar version. The position of the Chassis guarantees optimum manoeuvrability and can be equipped with a single or double packer. This machine has a third generation TerraGrip and has fully integrated active power amplifier.

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  • Tine spacing between 28,5cm and 31,5cm
  • Power demand from 130kW/175HP
  • 6 packer versions
  • Structured design

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