JCB Compact Track Loaders

Small yet mighty, JCB’s range of Compact Track Loaders provides you with unrivalled productivity and performance at a condensed size. Providing both vertical and radial lift options, the JCB compact track loader product line ensures there is a machine to take on all challenges you may face.

JCB Compact Track Loaders have a single-arm Powerboom™ which not only improves their safety but also makes them tougher than the normal twin-arm machines while still ensuring maximum productivity.



Robust and Tough

Built upon the reputation of quality and longevity in their machines, JCB compact track loaders are designed to handle the most demanding of applications from day one.

Each machine is formed from a fully welded chassis, which allows for a reduction in weight without the loss of machine durability. Combined with rigorous testing from JCB engineers, including climate, stress, and repeated action testing, JCB Compact Track Loaders are ready to perform job after job.


Packed Performance

Unique to the JCB line of products, the engine mount allows the machine to pull clean and cooler air from above the machine and expels the exhaust gasses around the side, in the opposite direction from the operator. With engine options up to 73hp, the JCB Compact track loader provides the perfect power delivery every day.



Due to the unique JCB Powerboom Loader Arm, operator visibility is improved by 60% with 270-degree visibility around the machine, compared to traditional two-arm machines on average 160-degree visibility. Further features such as wider door opening, easier to access emergency exit points, and tested glass provide enhanced operator safety.


Comfort and Control

JCB Compact Track Loaders are built for best-in-class comfort to allow for improved operator productivity. With the unique design allowing for up to 46% larger cabins, the compact machine feels spacious inside. JCB myCHOICE allows for the adjustment of all joystick movement to suit the operator's needs, allowing for seamless transitions between different users.

The JCB Compact Track Loader range enhances your productivity without any performance compromises. Designed to be user-friendly, high performing, and safe in its operations, there is no better choice for compact machinery.

JCB Compact Track Loaders

215T Compact Track Loader
215T Compact Track Loader
  • Lift Path Vertical
  • Net Engine Power 73hp
  • Rated Operating Capacity 955kg
270T Compact Track Loader
270T Compact Track Loader
  • Lift Path Vertical
  • Net Engine Power 73hp
  • Rated Operating Capacity 1235kg
Teleskid 3TS-8T
Teleskid 3TS-8T
  • Lift Path Vertical/radial
  • Net Engine Power 73hp
  • Rated Operating Capacity 732kg

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