JCB Power Products have a range of generators to suit every application. These generators are built to deliver high performance power generation so as to reduce running costs for the end user. The range features mid-size to large generator products, with the option for hybrid technology within the range.

JCB generators are supplied by SIA (A Scot JCB Group company). 


Performance and innovation

Built upon decades of knowledge in the industry, JCB Generators and Power Products are ready to become the heart fuelling your operations. Designed with the latest technology, the range of JCB Generators and Power Products are engineered to be as efficient as possible, allowing for smooth and consistent power delivery.

Engineered by JCB to guarantee the lowest possible fuel consumption for the highest performance output. Considerations for the working environment have been made with low noise to provide comfortable operation when in use, with some machines working as low as 62dBA.

Easy to move from one setup point to another, JCB generators are engineered with a range of lift points for a variety of lifting methods. Ensuring you can power every job, with each machine designed to be as resilient and flexible as possible.


Maintaining and servicing a machine easily ensures the longevity of the JCB generators, which is why each one has been designed with easy access to the key areas. Various generators in the range also have removable hinges where necessary to make access for servicing even easier. Regular maintenance can be completed easily as key mechanisms and service points can all be accessed from the same side of the generator.

Should problems arise with fuel quality due to a build-up of dirt or particles, the fuel tank can be removed to be cleaned easily.

Safety and durability

JCB understand the harsh demands that each operation can face. Engineered to perform in the most unforgiving environments, JCB generators and power packs provide non-stop power for peace of mind to you, the user. Operational in environments up to 50 degrees, the JCB Generator range is comfortable in the most demanding of weather conditions.


Knowledge is power, and with JCB LiveLink, you have all the information you need to maximise the productivity of your operations. JCB LiveLink allows you to receive real-time information and data from your generator, allowing you to manage your operation remotely via a PC or Smartphone. Whether using one generator or more, LiveLink can provide total fleet management over your power units.


Standard Range 8-730KVA
Standard Range 8-730KVA

 JCB’s standard diesel generators range offers a perfect solution for many common applications.

Premium Range 730 – 3300KVA
Premium Range 730 – 3300KVA

JCB’s premium diesel generators range is made by four high performing engines suitable for application with larger power requirements.

Hybrid Range 60-115KVA
Hybrid Range 60-115KVA

JCB now offer the newly launched JCB Inteli-Hybrid which can help save fuel, increased efficiency and reduce costs and emissions.

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