Telescopic Wheel Loaders

JCB’s range of telescopic wheel loaders are engineered to be multi-role machines for your agricultural operation. They can carry out jobs designed for standard wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, and rough terrain forklifts within the same machine. The articulated platform allows the larger machine to be highly manoeuvrable in tight situations.

JCB telescopic wheel loaders aim to provide incomparable versatility in tight areas. Each telescopic wheel loader comes with four-wheel drive as standard and with a huge number of options for attachments. Each model boasts a flow-sharing hydraulic system which reduces cycle times. The lifting height varies from 4.5m to 5.45m and the lift capacity ranges from 1800kg to 4100kg.

Powerful and Productive

The stage V telescopic wheel loader range from JCB was built in close collaboration with Kohler to give you the ultimate power and torque. Engineered with JCB’s EcoMAX engine, this provides high levels of torque at lower engine RPM for increased fuel economy. Combined with the smarter management and cycling over hydraulics to fitted implements, the JCB telescopic wheel loader range provides exceptionally high levels of performance without the high expenditure of fuel.

Total control

Designed with a high driving position, the JCB telescopic wheel loaders provide total control over the boom pivot with an uninterrupted 360o view from the operator’s seat. This allows for safer driving of the machine due to the increased visibility the lower boom position offers over the machine. Furthermore, the inclusion of side-shift capabilities on all JCB telescopic wheel loaders allows for easier attachment connection and more accurate load placement.

Fully Capable

JCB are industry experts in the demands of agricultural machinery, with each machine in the range being designed with decades of experience in the field. Stress tested over thousands of hours, JCB’s range of telescopic wheel loaders have been engineered to meet the demands of the most arduous tasks, job after job, including weather, repeated action, and high load testing, for your peace of mind.

Whatever role the JCB telescopic wheel handler needs to fill, it is ready to exceed all expectations from day one. Ready to be productive through thousands of machine-hours, it is the must-have multirole machine.

Telescopic Wheel Loaders

  • Maximum Engine Power 64hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 1800kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 4.5m
  • Maximum Engine Power 75hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 2200kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 4.6m
  • Maximum Engine Power 124hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 3200kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 5.2m
  • Maximum Engine Power 150hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 3200kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 5.2m
  • Maximum Engine Power 150hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 4100kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 5.45m
  • Maximum Engine Power 173hp
  • Maximum Lift Capacity 4100kg
  • Maximum Lift Height 5.45m

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