KRM M Line Fertiliser Spreaders

KRM are specialists in agricultural equipment, with decades of experience in the industry. Initially starting in spreading, this has allowed them to produce a diverse product line which caters to every need. The M Line of fertiliser spreaders are the premium, high-capacity options for your medium to large scale operations. The Range of products includes the M35/M35W, the M45/45W and M60W. Each product shares several industry-leading features.

High-Spec as Standard

As the premium option for fertiliser spreading, all KRM M-Line products are fitted with standard folding hopper covers and lights. Designed for the toughest of conditions, the LED lights are IP69-K rated for dust and water protection to ensure continuous operation regardless of lighting conditions. The light cover ensures levels of fertiliser can be easily maintained. 

A Newly designed air stream system with the introduction of new louvred vents increases spreading distances by 2m for machines with this guarding. This means an improved machine performance without alterations to the transport dimensions. Further included as standard are the anti-blockage hopper plates which ensure a consistent flow of material throughout the system. Blockages are therefore limited in the entire range of KRM M-Line products, a class-leading characteristic.

Superb Spreading 

With 5 settings to choose from on the hopper base, the KRM M-Line of spreaders can handle flow rates of up to 650kg/min when set to the maximum opening position. A highly adaptable system, it can be tailored for spreading densities down to as little as 0.5 kg/ha. This allows KRM M-Line fertiliser spreaders to cover a wide variety of requirements in your agricultural operations. 

The patented double shutter ensures a consistent flow of fertiliser regardless of the quantity of material passing through. This allows the operator to change the application rate without needing to alter any other settings, increasing overall productivity, and simplifying the management of the spreader. 

The adaptable agitator comes as a standard feature for all KRM machines and requires no extra input to perform, relying only on the weight and tension of the material. Therefore if a smaller or lighter material is used, agitation is reduced to avoid potential powdering effects. 

KRM M Line Fertiliser Spreaders

M35/M35W Base Trend
M35/M35W Base Trend

The KRM M35 Trend and M35W (weigh cell fitted) Spreader standard equipment include the KRM calibration kit which includes a fertiliser analysis kit and a quick setting calculator which makes the operator's life a whole lot easier. Users also have the option of an additional GPS system which aids with variable rate spreading.

M45/M45W Trend
M45/M45W Trend

The KRM M45 Trend and M45W (weigh cell fitted) machines come with the same features as the M35 which boast intricate and high-tech manufacturing and have come from constant and consistent testing to guarantee full satisfaction, at an increased capacity for larger farming operations.

M60 W Trend
M60 W Trend

The KRM M60W Trend is the company’s flagship machine. The 6-tonne payload makes this machine the largest mounted machine on the market. The M60W Trend spreader also comes as standard with weigh cells and intelligent control and is ideal for large-scale operations.

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