MF 1500 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson’s 1500 range gives you a high level of performance from a compact machine. As with every Massey Ferguson product you can expect performance, efficiency and ergonomic design. For use in a wide range of agricultural tasks such as seeding, ploughing and loading this series of rugged machinery is an excellent choice for those with smaller farms. The MF 1500 range is the true compact tractor to suit your everyday needs.

Condensed Performance 

The MF 1500 Series ranges from 19.5HP to 32HP. Each model has a 3-cylinder engine and a lift capacity of between 600kg and 1100kg. The 1500 series has a rear-mounted PTO drive and comes with a 540rpm as standard across each of the tractors in the range. Each model is 4-wheel drive and comes with a range of hydraulic and PTO options, they are also equipped with lights to ensure they meet road regulations. The MF 1500 series engines are reliable and fuel-efficient, making this range an economically beneficial choice.

 These compact tractors offer users a tight turning circle, making them essential for smallholdings and rural businesses. The 1500 series isn’t limited to agricultural applications, it is also the perfect machine for general ground care applications. The spacious and ergonomically designed platform makes the machine adaptable to multiple environments, and can be customised to have both turf and agricultural focused tyres.

Comfort and Reliability

Comfort has been made a high priority in the design of the 1500 series from Massey Ferguson. Each model has a fully adjustable driving position and is accessible from either side. There is power-assisted steering on all models as standard and excellent visibility for the user. MF has also added easy access linkage bars and drawbar adjustments. The Massey Ferguson 1500 series have been designed for ease of maintenance and low running costs, with key components with easy access of the engine compartment. This allows MF products to maintain high levels of residual value after initial use.

MF 1500 Series Tractors

MF 1520
MF 1520

Boasting 19.5 HP and a 28l fuel capacity this model is perfect for smaller farms that need an all-purpose and an easy to use machine. The controls on the tractor are easy to use and there are hand grips and a footstep for safe access.

  • Max Horsepower 20HP
  • Lift Capacity 600kg
  • Engine 3-Cylinder
  • Max Torque 63nm
  • Transmission Mechanical
MF 1525
MF 1525

This model is now one of the most popular groundcare tractors and a favourite amongst experts in estate management and golf courses. Built with comfort in mind and a 25hp engine and a 28l fuel tank.  Mower decks are available as an addition.

  • Max Horsepower 25hp
  • Lift Capacity 600kg
  • Engine 3-Cylinder
  • Torque 76nm
  • Transmission Hydrostatic

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