MF 1840 Balers

Massey Ferguson’s MF 1840 Small rectangular baler allows the crop to flow through the machine in a straight line, which allows it to work like a miniature large square baler, with productivity improved as it does not turn the crop over before entering the chamber. Built upon the successes of its predecessor, the MF 1840 is the compact centre-line baler that makes no compromises in terms of productivity.

The follow-up to the highly successful Massey Ferguson MF1839, the MF1840 retains the key features which customers loved such as the compact transport size, 19.m wide pick-up, gauge wheels fitted as a standard, and a high operational speed. Whether your operation requires a few hectares of land for your livestock, or your production enters into thousands of bales annually, the MF 1840 baler is the perfect baler to fit your productivity and budget requirements


Massey Ferguson’s OptiForm engineered bale chamber allows for consistent bale shape regardless of ground conditions. When compared to previous generation bale chambers, the new OptiForm is 30% larger. Fitted as standard are the Gauge wheels, to allow for even pick-up in uneven ground, reducing the damage to the pick-up tine. The 1.9m wide pick-up line has closely spaced tines to ensure that windrows are collected with reduced losses.


Designed to be as wide as possible in the field, the MF 1840 baler has been engineered to become compact during transit, allowing it to traverse narrow gateways and roads to perform at the toughest locations. The baler runs directly in line with the tractor, allowing for unparalleled field efficiency, and complimentary weight distribution during operation. The Baler is ready to go as soon as you enter the field, with a simple lowering of the position means baling has commenced.


A Density Control Ram applies even pressure to the top and bottom rails, allowing for a more even operation. The MF 1840 also has a compartment for up to 10 extra spools of twine to be stored, ensuring your most productive moments continue. The Bale Density Control automatically regulates the Optiform bale chamber to guarantee the pressure of the bale is consistent throughout the day.

MF 1840 Balers

  • Bale Size 356x457mm
  • Plunger Speed 100 (strokes/min)
  • Pick up working width 1900mm
MF1842 S
MF1842 S

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