MF 2200 Balers

Massey Ferguson’s MF 2200 series large square baler takes the success of its predecessor and further enhances the experience to provide truly exceptional performance and consistency. The large square baler product line covers various models and bale sizes. The square balers from MF create well renowned, dense, and precisely formed bales.

The combination of exceptional cutting capacity, one of the strongest plungers in the industry, and a double-knotter system are just some of the innovations introduced into the latest version of the machine. The Massey Ferguson MF 2200 series is ready to provide consistently high quality and quantity bales from day one.


The innovative new five-line pick-up reel and lightweight wrapper made from a thermoplastic polymer give increased durability and rigidness to the machine. This new design and materials allow for faster handling speeds and improved operational performance. These advanced materials also allow the machine to produce less noise compared to other models. These wrapper bands are also quick and easy to replace, reducing the amount of downtime and increasing productivity.

The ProCut system permits the use of up to 17 knives on smaller models, with up to 26 on larger models. Protected by hydraulic accumulators which react automatically to prevent damage should an object enter the baler.


The new tandem axle and suspension system mean the MF 2200 series is more stable when moving in all environments, ensuring an even pull and comfortable riding conditions when attached. The baler chute has been improved with chains being switched for a mounted lifting arm, increasing the strength of the chute considerably. The double-acting density rams apply pressure from multiple sides to give a consistent shape throughout the bale. This ensures that although a highly productive machine, there is no sacrifice to product quality at the end

Farm Management

The machine is fitted with numerous modern implements including MF’s Fieldstar 5 terminal, providing a modern user interface and a 5-inch touchscreen display to operate the 2200 series. BaleCreate also provides the user with intuitive control over the machine's performance and productivity. The Massey Ferguson 2200 series is also pre-wired for the use of video cameras fantastic overview of baler functionality. The HD screen provides clear updates and adjustments can be made to the system with the touch of a button

MF 2200 Balers

MF 2233
  • Bale Size 80x90mm
  • Plunger Speed 47 strokes/min
  • Pick up working width 2250mm
MF 2224
  • Bale Size 120x70mm
  • Plunger Speed 47 strokes/min
  • Pick up working width 2250mm
MF 2234
  • Bale Size 120x90mm
  • Plunger Speed 47 strokes/min
  • Pick up working width 2250mm
MF 2234 XD
  • Bale Size 120x90mm
  • Plunger Speed 47 strokes/min
  • Pick up working width 2250mm
MF 2244
  • Bale Size 120x130mm
  • Plunger Speed 33 strokes/min
  • Pick up working width 2250mm

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