MF 4700 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson launched the three-model 4700 Series which have been designed specifically for this highly demanding multi-purpose sector.

The Massey Ferguson 4700 Series gives operators the power, stability and versatility to handle tougher situations to get the job done – regardless of the operation.

When all components of a tractor are built together, they are guaranteed to work better together.  All aspects of the Massey Ferguson 4700 Series are manufactured in the same modern facility, ensuring quality, efficiency and durability. Fewer parts and a less-complex design provide better fuel efficiency and easier maintenance for the operator.

Situated within the heart of this tractor is a rugged, reliable, fuel-efficient 3.3 Litre AGCO PowerTM three-cylinder Tier 4 Final engine which, depending on the mode, can range from 80-100HP.

Operators have a variety of jobs each day, each of which requires a strong and robust machine. The 4700 series is noticeably heavier than others and is designed to handle larger, heftier implements.

An engine speed memory is activated by pressing a button in the cab which allows sets the memory for working speeds.

The Massey Ferguson 4700 Series is also built for tough, gritty jobs and is built for ease of use and operator comfort. From the ground up, these tractors are engineered for smart, ergonomic, long-lasting operation and, despite the tough workload, the machine should never be hard on you.

Massey Ferguson has designed a completely new cab to provide sector-leading comfort, control and functionality for its users as well as being air-conditioned and equipped to the highest specification.

On the MF 4700 Series, there are large steps that lead up to wide-opening and the full-glass doors provide easy access to the flat-floor cab.

MF 4700 Series Tractors

MF 4707
MF 4707
  • Max Horsepower 75HP
  • Rated Engine Power 70HP
  • PTO 57HP@ 2,200 RPM | 63HP @ 2,000 RPM
MF 4708
MF 3709
  • Max Horsepower 85HP
  • Rated Engine Power 80HP
  • PTO 67HP @ 2,200 RPM | 73HP @ 2,000 RPM
MF 4709
MF 4709
  • Max Horsepower 95HP
  • Rated Engine Power 90HP
  • PTO 77HP @ 2,200 RPM | 81HP @ 2,000 RPM
MF 4710
MF 4710
  • Max Horsepower 100HP
  • Max Engine Power 100 HP
  • PTO 88HP @ 2,200 RPM | 88HP @ 2,000 RPM

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