MF 6700 Series Tractors

The MF 6700 Series, named Tractor of the Year 2020, is the flagship of the Global Series tractors. This is a heavy workhorse, that skips the bells and whistles of higher spec series. The 6700 Series is a basic machine which will get the job done properly and is perfect for a situation which requires function over features.

The Massey Ferguson 6700 Series pays homage to the previous X700 Series Generation— except for the product number decal, the design is very similar to its predecessor.

However, even though not much has changed to the naked eye, there are many internal differences which make this series different from the rest.


  • 200 Horsepower
  • Agile yet robust
  • The tightest turning circle for a 200HP agricultural tractor
  • Available with a choice of transmissions: Dyna-4, Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT.
  • Can be specified with Essential, Efficient or Exclusive specification levels to suit the operator
  • Exceptional power-to-weight ratio

This machine has a much lighter footprint than its predecessors, far better manoeuvrability and extra payload possibilities which are just some of the ways a 4-cylinder machine can make more sense than a 6-cylinder tractor in this bracket.

Massey Ferguson has always provided solutions which are innovative yet practical to the operator. These machines continue to offer a modern, heavy duty, straightforward range which provides exceptional efficiency for every application.

The MF 6700 Range has been designed with simplicity of operation at its core and designed from the outset with an emphasis on comfort, this range makes hard work a pleasure.

These machines, which are equipped with cabs, are designed and built on a 2.5m wheelbase and offer a 5.2t linkage capacity.

Capable of handling heavy loads, this strong and agile range is perfect for livestock and mixed farming enterprises. Meanwhile, their ease of operation and low cost of ownership makes them well-suited to working in fleets on large enterprises or arable farms.

With the MF 6700 Series completing the Global Series, Massey Ferguson now offers customers a choice of modern, unrivalled 75hp to 130hp tractors.

MF 6700 Series Tractors

MF 6712 S
MF 6713 S
  • Max Horsepower 150
  • Max Torque 648
  • Cab Type Essential, Efficient, Exclusive
MF 6714 S
  • Max Horsepower 160
  • Max Torque 691
  • Cab Type Essential, Efficient, Exclusive
MF 6715 S
  • Max Horsepower 175
  • Max Torque 745
  • Cab Type Essential, Efficient, Exclusive

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