MF 8700 Series Tractors

The innovative MF 8700 series offers efficiency, effectiveness and useable power. These are machines which have a huge appetite for work and are built to effortlessly cover acre after acre of land while maintaining operator comfort and keeping fuel costs to a minimum.

The operator can select the power mode in a multitude of ways; the foot pedal, the armrest lever or even the Power Control lever. Forward and reverse speeds can be pre-set and maintained automatically, which can then be stored in the tractor memory for later use, making any operation far less tiring.

MF 8700 S tractors are all fitted with an engine speed ‘Supervisor’ which helps to reduce forward speed which maintains full engine power. With the ability to store two-speed settings, the tractor is forever working at its optimum capabilities.

The Command Control armrest and the Multipad joystick come as part of the package that makes these machines so easy to control with precision. A multitude of functions can be controlled in the palm of the operators’ hand.

This range is available in two levels: Efficient and Exclusive. These levels provide a choice of premium or super-premium environments and specifications which are both designed around a spacious frame and logical controls. Compromise isn’t necessary when it comes to the MF 8700.

Compact, manoeuvrable, and comfortable, this unique, lightweight and high horsepower design provides the MF8700 S with the highest payload in this tractor segment currently on the market. The ability to tread lightly, yet pull strongly, is all part of Massey Ferguson’s commitment to helping protect the land and soil.

MF 8700 S tractors can be specified with a fully independent 540 Eco/1000 rpm PTO, or 1000/1000 Eco speeds. External engagement can be automated with engine speed, and emergency stop buttons provide convenience and safety.

Information is power when it comes to getting the job done more efficiently and more productively and this is the reason why Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions. The results are unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability.

MF 8700 Series Tractors

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