MF 8S Series Tractors

When Massey Ferguson started work on the new 8S they started with the most important people, you, the customer. The feedback gained through hours of interviews put comfort, reliability simple controls and efficiency as the most important factors to consider when designing the range.

Next Level Comfort

The 8S produces only 68dB of noise making it the quietest cab on the market now. The front axle suspension has improved the comfort while the new MF vDisplay Digital dashboard gives the user all the information they require.

Higher productivity and efficiency

The new Dyna-7 powershift transmission and Dyna E-Power dual clutch transmission allow you speed changes without any torque interruption.  Each of the transmissions come with Engine Power Management as standard to give you more power when it is needed most. This is can help to reduce power loss by up to 26% thus increasing the overall efficiency of the tractor.

Reduced Operation Costs

The engine has been designed for maximum efficiencies, the max power and torque at low revs reduces the fuel consumption by 10%. The tractor also has many maintenance free components and easy access for daily maintenance.

Straightforward Technology

The 8S comes with the new Datatronic 5 and optional Fieldstar 5 terminal to give you the most user friendly and easy to use experience. MF Guide reduces the number of overlaps therefore increases efficiency while MF Section and Rate Control means that you can change your rate on the go.

MF 8S Series Tractors

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