MF DM & M Series Mowers

With decades of experience in the agricultural market, Massey Ferguson stands at the forefront of technology and innovation. The outstanding quality and attention to detail are seen in all their products, and this is true for their Drum Mowers and Disc Mowers.

Designed to be worked hard from day one, the range of mowers provides great coverage, excellent cutting, and low costs. The Massey Ferguson range of mowers is the perfect addition to your agricultural toolkit. With a range spanning working widths from 1.6m to 9.3m, there is a huge range of products to fulfil your exact need.

Low Weight

Recognising the importance of keeping weight to a minimum, MF Mowers come with a spur gear drive which aids in machine longevity and low operating costs, ensuring machine efficiency is a top priority. The lightweight construction also means that smaller tractors can fit wider attachments, allowing for greater capacity despite machine size. Their straightforward construction has also allowed for the mowers to be low maintenance, ensuring downtime is minimised.

Precise Mowing

The meticulously designed gear bed cutter bar includes elliptical discs and strong conveyor drums to ensure a clean and consistent cutting pattern, despite any challenges that terrain may present to your operation.

Cutter Bar

Engineered to be as easy to use as possible without any limitations to the longevity of the product, the cutter bar has all key components mounted onto the base plate. All parts are easily accessible with a simple-to-remove cover plate, to ensure maintenance and upkeep of the cutter bar is as easy as possible.

Terrain handling

Understanding that all ground types are not the same, Massey Ferguson has engineered their range of mowers with the three-dimensional ground following capabilities, for optimal following across challenging terrain. The linkage hitch is secured and free to pivot in both longitudinal and traversal patterns to guarantee a clean cut and avoid soil contamination.


Ground pressure is controlled by the ingenious MF Turbolift system, an adjustable accumulator which controls ground pressure, ensuring that the mower can adapt to all ground conditions to provide the smoothest cut possible. The large contact area and low ground pressure create superb and gentle crop treatment.

MF DM & M Series Mowers

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