MF RB F Balers

Massey Ferguson’s RB Fixed chambers balers have a 1.5 cubic metre bale chamber which features 18 MF-designed Powergrip rollers and a tale-gate lock to ensure constant bale dimensions. Massey Ferguson Fixed chamber balers such as the 3130F feature Hydroflexcontrol, the intuitive anti-blockage system to reduce the time spent clearing and increase productivity time. Keep your operation going with the MF RB Fixed chamber baler range.

Designed to be as reliable and consistent as possible, these balers exceed expectations in the production of high-density hay, silage, or straw bales, without creating complexity during operation. MF balers are easy to use, maintain, and adjust.


A revolutionary camless design enables high operating machine speeds for a baler of this size. By eliminating the need for conventional cams, the RB Fixed chamber baler is quieter, more reliable, and has fewer moving parts. These decrease maintenance requirements and increase reliability. Shaped by Massey Ferguson’s Xtracut knife configuration, the cutters are equipped with the longest knives on the market, eliminating the opportunity for material to pass through uncut.


Massey Ferguson's unique Hydroflexcontrol system employs both automatic and manual controls to avoid and eliminate blockages. The system is reactive to stop up to 80% of blockages before they happen and can adjust the position and movement of internal hydraulics to stop blockages when they occur. The pioneering Easy Loading System allows for a second replacement roller to be carried in the machine, ensuring reduced downtime during operations


The RB Fixed chamber range of balers is fitted with additional knife holders to keep productivity continuous when in the field. The tested Varionet net wrapping system feature a special tensioning device equipped to deal with various widths and net types, to allow for the fastest wrapping of bales

Farm Management

Automatic chain lubrication ensures there is sufficient oil surrounding the machine, to reduce the need for manual stoppages to lubricate the baler. This helps to maintain critical part health and adds longevity to the machine's lifetime. Also comes with E-Link Control as standard in all balers which provides a total view over baler data and allows configuration changes to be made at the touch of a button.

MF RB F Balers

MF RB 3130F Round Baler Classic
MF RB 3130F Round Baler Classic
  • Chamber Diameter 1.25m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick up Width 2/2.25m
  • Approx Weight 3000kg
MF RB 3130F Round Baler Xtra
MF RB 3130F Round Baler Xtra
  • Chamber Diameter 1.25m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick up Width 2/2.25/2.4m
  • Approx Weight 3200kg
MF RB 3130F Protec
MF RB 3130F Protec
  • Chamber Diameter 1.25m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick up Width 2.25/2.6m
  • Approx Weight 5990kg

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