MF RB V Balers

Massey Ferguson’s RB4160V and RB4180V variable chamber balers are designed upon a common platform that can produce bales up to 1.60m and 1.80m in diameter. MF engineers have designed the balers with the ingenious Constant Pressure System (CPS), a patented technology which combines both hydraulic and spring action to produce consistently dense and equal bales.

Massey Ferguson understands the importance of having predictably consistent bales, and the latest range of RB balers has been built on this philosophy. The chamber baler offers you the best-in-class solution to compacting, cutting, and pick-up capabilities.


The MF RB series of balers feature Massey Ferguson’s Xtracut. The Xtracut can be fitted with 13,17 or 25 knives for total personalisation. Each knife has been designed to be the greatest length possible, to ensure no material can exit uncut. With 17 and 25 knives, there is the option to control the knife banks from the cab depending on changing requirements. 

The CPS system aids in retaining pressure throughout the bale by creating concentrated pressure from the core outwards. The system can reach a maximum pressure of 180Barm and creates a result which is consistent in shape, ensuring easier storage and handling after formation.


Hydroflexcontrol protection system limits the number of potential blockages within the baler, with 2 stages working in tandem to limit the amount of downtime faced with the machine. As a standard, the Easy Loading System allows a spare roller to be carried on the baler, meaning changes can be made in minutes, keeping you in the field for longer and increasing productivity


Be prepared for every outcome with a spare set of knife holders available on every baler. Double-ply belts provide outstanding grip on the bale, made from a specially designed seamless synthetic for continuous usage without fault. The patented bale formation system allows for the smoothest operation within the bale chamber.

Farm Management

Offered as standard, the E-Link control unit provides a fantastic overview of baler functionality. The HD screen provides clear updates and adjustments can be made to the system with the touch of a butto


MF RB V Balers

MF RB 4160 V Classic
  • Chamber Diameter 0.7-1.6m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick-up Width 2/2.25m
  • Approx Weight 3690kg
MF RB 4160 V Xtra
  • Chamber Diameter 0.7-1.6m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick-up Width 2.25/2.4m
  • Approx Weight 3950kg
MF RB 4180 V Classic
  • Chamber Diameter 0.7-1.8m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick-up Width 2.25m
  • Approx Weight 3870kg
MF RB 4180 V Xtra
  • Chamber Diameter 0.7-1.8m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick-up Width 2.25/2.4m
  • Approx Weight 4070kg
  • Chamber Diameter 0.9-1.6m
  • Chamber Width 1.23m
  • Pick-up Width 2.25/2.4m
  • Approx Weight 6550kg

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