Rollforce compact (RFC) Manure Spreaders

Rolland Rollforce-Compact range of manure spreaders has been designed with more than 70 years of heritage in organic fertiliser spreading. Understanding the challenges each farm faces, especially with changes in terrain, Rollforce-Compact spreaders have been designed to enable premium spreading at a reduced size. By carefully listening to their customers, especially those with small to medium-sized tractors, Rolland has created a range of easy-to-use, highly agile, and super productive. 

With a variety of sizes to select from in the Rollforce-Compact range, there is guaranteed to be a model which suits your needs. Whether a compact size is more suitable due to the angle of terrain on which your operation is located, or is more suitable to the sizing of your tractors, the Rolland Rollforce-compact range has been engineered with numerous features to enhance productivity. 

The frame of the Rollforce-Compact has been designed with a low centre of gravity, to ensure stability across difficult terrain. The chassis is made from HLE-resistant steel to reduce wear and give peace of mind during adverse operational conditions. Complimented by a reinforced and independent drive gearbox to deliver performance under harsh conditions. 

The bed features 2 marine chains spaced with box slates at every 25cm to deliver the optimal level of material. The compact slide has been designed with no catch areas to allow a smooth flow of material, while the newly improved beater frames provide an excellent spread pattern, with angled deflectors and forged points to increase capabilities without increasing size. 

The Rolland Rollforce-Compact range has a wide hopper load space for easy loading. With a variety of control functions and tools such as the Rollcontrol Box to assist with the regulation of bed speed and ISOBUS connectivity to allow a full guidance integration for precise mapping and end of field shut off. Models in the Rolland Rollforce range are available with an optional Headland Kit to protect the edge of your fields. 

To increase communication within the field, the machines are fitted with a buzzer alert to make bystanders aware if the rotors are still in use, to avoid potential harm. 





Rollforce compact (RFC) Manure Spreaders

37-06 5t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader
37-06 5t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader

The 3706 is the introductory model into the range, with carrying capacities of up to 5 tonnes in the field. 

45-08 7t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader
45-08 7t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader

The 4508 increases carrying capacity to 7 tonnes while maintaining all of the key features. 

45-10 9t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader
45-10 9t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader

Further improving on the size of silage, the 45-10 holds up to 10m3 of silage with a maximum gross weight of 9 tonnes.

50-12 10t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader
50-12 10t Rollforce Compact (RFC) Manure Spreader

The largest of the Rollforce-Compact range of manure spreaders, the 50-12 has a capacity for up to 12m3 of silage and can operate at weights up to 10 tonnes. 

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