Rollforce Manure Spreaders

Rolland Rollforce Manure spreaders are industry-recognised premium options for the spreading of organic fertiliser material. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Rolland products come with a proud lineage of proven quality products, built to exceptionally high standards.

The Rolland Rollforce range adds value to your organic fertilisers, with several features to enhance your spreading operation. With a wide variety of products in the range, Rolland has catered for all medium to large-scale agricultural operations. Able to hold infield capacities of up to 20,000kg (gross), the Rollforce range caters for all levels of operation. 

Robust Design

The chassis has been designed with HLE (High Limit Elastic) Steel which guarantees the highest level of protection to the machine and has been carefully designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The strong slurry doors have been designed to regulate the product, which aids in the distribution of the material.

The Twin-drive beaters have been engineered to be wider than the body when unloading, which reduces the power required by the machine, increasing overall efficiency. 

To increase stability and comfort, a drawbar vertical suspension system has been included in every spreader to maximise ride efficiency during field and road use. Further supported by the triangular drawbar around the tow-hook which gives stability and comfort

Innovative Spreading

The ESP (Even Spread Pattern) frames are strong and precise with 15mm thick beaters designed in a round spiral, giving a uniform, even spread. The beater head has an aggressive shredding pattern with an angled deck to help finely distribute into small doses. However, this can be adjusted to create larger pellets when required. And by using a lower disc speed to provide the same high-quality results, Rolland has created a manure spreader which has reduced power consumption, making the Rollforce product line one of the most efficient organic fertiliser spreaders available. 

Fitted with a number of standard and optional display technologies, including Rollcontrol operational systems and ISOBUS compatibility features, the Rollvan range can seamlessly integrate into your existing farming operation. And with a number of options available for each machine, there is a configuration to enhance your spreading productivity. 



Rollforce Manure Spreaders

5013 11t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
5013 11t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

The introductory model to the standard Rollforce range, the 5013 boasts an impressive 11 tonnes of maximum weight capacity for a machine at 5m

5514 12t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
5514 13t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

The 5514 spreader has an impressive 13-tonne capacity for on-field delivery

5517 14t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
5517 15t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

Maintaining a similar size profile to the 5514, the 5517 allows for a silage capacity of larger sized machines

6115 14t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
6115 14t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

The 6115 is the first Rollforce with a length of over 6m, providing an excellent option for medium to large scale operations

6118 16t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
6118 16t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

With a longer wheelbase to allow for improved stability, the 6118 can hold up to 18m3 of silage in its storage. 

6616 15t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
6616 15t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

The larger wheelbase provided by the 6616 makes light work of intense spreading applications

6620 18t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
6620 18t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

One of the largest spreaders in the range, the 6620 provides up to 20m3 of capacity for silage

7322 20t Rollforce Manure Spreaders
7322 20t Rollforce Manure Spreaders

The flagship of the Rollforce range, the 7322 provides the highest levels of performance and spreading capabilities with up to 22m3 of silage capacity. 

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