Steven Mitchell Takes on New Role as Regional Manager

Scot Agri is delighted to celebrate Steven Mitchell’s new role as Regional Manager for Scot Agri’s northern region, covering our Huntly and Fraserburgh depots. Steven has been with the business for over 10 years, having originally joined as a Sales Engineer. With his wealth of experience and passion for the industry, he is looking forward to his new responsibilities, looking after everything including sales, service, and parts at our Fraserburgh and Huntly depots.

After settling into his new role we caught up with Steven to find out more about his time here and his new role.


Journey at Scot Agri

Steven joined the business 12 years ago as a Sales Engineer for then AM Philip Agritech, where he told us “I’ve always been interested in agriculture and the machinery, and looking back it was a great decision.” After several years working as a Sales Engineer, working with customers and building his experience, Steven was promoted to Regional Sales Manager. His keen eye for the industry and ability to form lasting relationships with customers was key in his previous role, strengthening the growing Scot Agri reputation in the area.

Now, Steven takes on responsibility as Regional Manager for all aspects of Scot Agri Huntly and Fraserburgh. He tells us “It’s more responsibility, you’re working with parts, sales, and service now. There are a lot more people to look after and listen to. It’s a great opportunity to help provide input into all aspects of the customer journey up here.” He explained that one of his key responsibilities is to make customer satisfaction a priority at every level.


Customer Focused

Having fostered many meaningful relationships with his customers during his time with the business, we asked him what the secret is to build these relationships. “My approach to working with customers and colleagues has always been the same. I like to think of myself as an ‘honest man’ when speaking to them, I think people appreciate when you’re open with them.”

Speaking on particularly memorable interactions, Steven gave us a humble answer, reflective of his character. “To be honest with you, I think all of them stick out for different reasons. I don’t think of any being more important than the other. Every interaction plays an important part in what we are trying to do, so it’s all worthwhile.” He was quick to add about how he looks forward to seeing more of the customers, especially with his new involvement with the aftersales aspect of the role.



The success of Scot Agri

Steven told us about what he believes are the most important factors for customers in their selection of Scot Agri. “I think the range of machinery we stock is very important, and having great Sales Engineers who understand the challenges farmers are facing now. But I also think having good service is just as vital.” Speaking on the challenges he may expect within his new role, Steven told us that being responsible for more staff members will bring extra changes to his previous role, however, he remains excited about the potential to work with the full aftersales team in the depots. He will be working with our existing and new customers to help continue to development of the Scot Agri brand in the area.


Outside of Work

Although an important member of the Scot Agri team, Steven does find time away from work to relax too. He is a dedicated father and told us “I put down my Regional Manager hat and put on my dad hat. Whenever I’m not working, I try to spend as much time with them as I possibly can.”

Steven helped those of us who don’t get to visit his area often by telling us the must-do thing is visiting the Speyside area and exploring the many distilleries that call the area home. Of course, with his experience with the machinery, we asked what his favourite Scot Agri machine is. “We have a great range of machinery here, but I’d probably say the JCB Fastrac, I like working and using them.”

Everyone at Scot Agri and the wider Scot JCB Group wishes Steven continued success in his new role. Speaking about Steven’s recent promotion, Agricultural Director Will Fleming said “Steven has been an invaluable member of Scot Agri since he joined the business, and I’m sure he will continue his successful career with his new role. His commitment to providing our customers with first-class service will now be seen across Sales, Service, and Parts.”

Steven can be contacted via email at or via mobile at 07834569081.